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  1. Once again C20h plc Syswin question

    Made the cable and was able to get online thanks for al the help john
  2. I'm working on a old machine. It has a C20h controller and expansion unit. I already have the Syswin software 3.4 . Omron tech support gave me a link. What cable do I need to connect the laptop to a serial port? I can make one. Can I use a USB to serial converter as serial ports are rare.  Thanks, John
  3. Once again C20h plc Syswin question

    Im making the cable now. I understand the RX/TX wires and the ground but the CTS and RTS wires have a box around the middle of them on the  drawing. Do I need to connect them to?  And are they connected together?   You can use the built in port but you will have to build this cable. http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/files/file/349-universal-cable-for-omron-9-pin-port/ Thank for all your help.
  4. Once again C20h plc Syswin question

    So I can plug directly into the RS_232C serial port on the PLC  to the serial port on the computer running Syswin using this cable. Or do in need to get something else to attach to the PLC? Thanks?