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  1. Thank you! Stopping the service allowed me to add the PLC to the list.
  2. Will stopping the service disrupt communications between other deployed devices and FactoryTalk View?
  3. Thank you for your quick response! So when I try to open RSLinx classic it tells me that the application is running as a service and I would have to stop the service to open it. How would I go about adding the link to RSLinx?
  4. I'm trying to download a program to a ControlLogix 5571 from our remote server but cannot see the link in RSWho. I had originally programmed the PLC from my computer locally but now I need to connect it to the server. I've set the IP address and can browse to the 1756-ENBT/A card through the web browser of our remote server. However, the server is running RSLinx Enterprise instead of RSLinx classic which I am more familiar with. When I try manually adding the Ethernet card to the list under "Communication Setup" the entry disappears after a new browse is started. Apologies for any incorrect terminology here as this is my first time trying to connect to a remote network PLC.
  5. I am trying to export the Modbus points lists from a DAServer in Archestra SMC but I am getting an error message shown in the attached image. All options are greyed out and I cannot export the points list from the PLC node. I know there are points configured on the PLC node because data is updating the the InTouch application. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!