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  1. GE Fanuc 90-30 & 90-70

    Thanks so much Steve Bailey
  2. Configure Cisco Catalyst 2955 switch

    Thanks so much pcmccartney1...
  3. MicroLogix1400 LOGO! software

    hello everyone, someone had set up a MicroLogix 1400 controller with logic done using LOGO! software. i am new to this equipment and i badly need some help on how to connect my PC to MicroLogix 1400 and view the logic on LOGO! i dont have the right cable with me right now. thank you,
  4. RsLogix 1400 to PC

    hi folks, Someone had previously set up Allen Bradley RsLogix 1400 PLC on our mobile conveyor system that is working just fine. i want to view the logic on my laptop pc but could not establish network connection between my pc and the plc. would some one please help with tips on how i could establish connection.   thanks,