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  1. Buttons with images in NA

    Sorry for the late answer, thanks a lot Michael and Crossbow!
  2. Hello,   Omron NA project: I'm trying to create a button with image (see picture). Unfortunately if I click on the image the button does not work because the image is 'above' the button itself. Is there a way to solve the problem ?   Thanks!!
  3. Yes my objective is to write a program (VB or C#) to communicate with NJ/NX controller. I already use FINS with that controllers but I need to declare variables like old CJ standard (DM,HR,W,CIO). With CIP you can access the tag  names directly. Crossbow:  I know there is CX-Compolet, but it is not free. Are you talking about CX-Compolet? What you mean 2 day class? Thanks everyone!
  4. Hello Jay, I am also trying to read/write data on a Omron NJ. I am studying the 'NJ_NX-series CPU Unit Built-in EtherNetIP Port User's Manual.pdf'  to understand the CIP messages structure for accessing variables but with no luck. The point that I missing is: how the destination address should be specified in the datagram? Should I use TCP or UDP? A lot of confusion! Now I am trying to sniff the packets between two NJ controllers that are exchanging data trough CIPUCMMWrite/CIPUCMMRead istructions with wireshark, to better understand how the CIP messages are composed. Can you point me to the right way to start this challenge? (any website or manual with better informations)  thanks!