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  1. Siemens Timer Help..

    Hello Stuart, The S5T# means the usage of time old format of Step5, as the time indicated in ms, this will limit your max, you can write the time format in S5T#0S format means in second instead of ms this will increase your max. otherwise you can use other new functions of timers. anyhow the good thing about Step7 that you can select any block like the T130 and click "F1" on your keyboard, this shall open the help and inside you can see information about all input and outputs of that block with all possible formats, plus brief description of its function and one or two example to understand how it works. Have fun Omar
  2. Limiting on-line connections to a S7-1500 PLC

    Hi Eriksn, Yes you can limit the connections to PLC from PGs or any thing else; Open the hardware configuration -> right click on your CPU -> select "object properties" -> select tab "communication" -> then you can set the number of allowed connections.