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  1. Hi, I have a project with an XYZ Gantry for moving a fine laser. I need to control with a Joystick. what is the best approach for this. I was looking at using ALTHEN Ethercat joystick. What is the best function to use. I was trying to get MC_GroupSyncmoveabsolute to work but when I let the Joystick release it moves back to center and so dose the Laser.   Thanks Tom
  2. EtherCAT Festo CTEU-EC

    thanks for getting back Festo Came back to me Omron Sysmac Studio can not read Fest DIL switchs and the address has to be written to the module through sysmac studio. 
  3. EtherCAT Festo CTEU-EC

    Hi, I have an NJ with 14 EtherCAT Slaves. 4 of them are Festo CTEU-EC. Once these are connected I am unable to compare and merge with network as node "node address out of Range", when I try and "write slave address" I can see they are all 0 even though they are set with different addresses. the ESI file I am using is (Festo CTEU-EtherCAT Modular v6). Has anybody had this problem?
  4. Hi Lamboon Do you by any chance have the link to the Servo IAG files from the manual above?