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  1. Hi.. I found very hard to make Unlimited counter for application that i trying to make.. My application it's empty pack system.. On packaging machine.. This counter is supposed to count finger at machine... When it reach its value.. It will reject.. Coz theres sometimes many empty product thats entere the package.. I make more than 5 counter..i try to make loop...the problem is.. When 5 counter already workw.. Sometimes when its start.. It doesn't want to count again.. I have to wait for 1 cycle.. Than it work again.. Does anyone knows how to solve this... Thank you   
  2. yes, Mr. Chud i'm using scan method using timer, on pic rejector scan, when it detect empty pack it start counter, than the value of counter will trigger the rejector. its ok, if there's some distance between empty pack, but when it happen continuously, the program doesn't work, it only reject the first and the last. if the empty pack continuously three times. could you help me or does anyone can..?? i'm using a ladder programming.
  3. hai bro, i try to make empty pack system for packaging machine using twido, and i have problem on rejector, coz sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't,  does anyone can help me