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  1. Good evening all. I have a Rockwell (AB) question for you all.  We recently added a rotary table to a machine for a customer. Mechanically this table can be physically removed from the machine when it's not needed. They want to be able to disconnect the motor & encoder cables when it's not in use & physically store the table away from the machine. The problem is that when the table is disconnected the other axes will not enable. When you try to enable them you get an error, "Axis Group Not Synchronized". If I remove the table from the Motion Group then it works fine, but when we reconnect the table it will not enable. When it's connected it needs to be part of the Motion Group since it needs to be in a coordinate system with several other axes. Has anyone had any experience accomplishing this with Rockwell? I've done it with other control platforms. Some facts: CompactLogix CPU = 1768-L45 Firmware = 19 SERCOS (Qty 2; 4-Axis cards) Drives: 2094 style