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  1. Panelview 1000 (2711 T10C9

    Also, what RSLinx driver should be used.  I think I tried them all.  
  2. Panelview 1000 (2711 T10C9

    [The DH485 PanelViews that were equipped with Printer serial ports can use those ports ONLY for printing (or have them disabled).   Those ports don't support upload and download.   This includes the 2711-xxxx3 and 2711-xxxx9 models. ] How do you disable the printer serial port?
  3. Good afternoon to the group. I have a Panelview1000 (2711 T10C9) that I just received.  Our old one kicked the bucket from drowning, I believe.  Anyway, there is no application loaded on the new one.  I need to load one. 2 RS232 ports one is just RS232 the other is labeled download/printing My problem is that I cannot communicate with it.  I am attempting to connect to it thru PanelBuilder32. No luck.  I attempt via RSLinx, no luck.  I do get an error from PB32 that tells me that I need to "disable" the printing in the port mode in the configuration.  When I select that button, that says "Printing Enabled" nothing changes. The cables I am using are a 1747-UIC and an AB2706-NC13.  Do I need a different cable/combination, a certain driver with RSLinx, a bucket of fried chicken (can't kill chickens at the plant)?  What am I missing?  Any input helps
  4. Set, Reset issue

    Thanks for the reply.  There is a local HMI and a remote SCADA.  99.9% of the comands come from the SCADA. A simple screen button for Auto and one for Manual change an internal bit (%Mxxxxx). Could a worn HMI screen be activated because of latent pressure on the screen?
  5. Set, Reset issue

    Good morning good people of the blog. I have a situation where I have a set, reset for, lets say, a fan.  We press manual and it sets the coil, we press Auto and it resets the coil.  Here is my problem...when we set the fan to auto, it will stay there for about 20sec or so then the coil will set itself again and go back to manual.  While watching this occur in the logic I cannot see the contact actually engage the set command. I have gone thru the logic and cannot see what could possibly change the bool back to a 1.  Any takers on this one? -James