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  1. Modbus Addressing In Hmi Weintek

    HI all.  Am in some kind of trouble.. i have a sensor which has modbus RTU 485 . i want to connect it directly on weintek HMI ..    kindly help me out.. 
  2. Mitsubishi GX Developer eRROR

    i have pressed f2 but problem still exists
  3. Mitsubishi GX Developer eRROR

    EVERY TIME when i change my ladder logic program then this message appears .. what is this mean

    Hi there .. i am new to plc... i have flow rate in m3/h and i want total flow or totalizer ... what is the formula for that and how can i implement it in gx developer. any kind of help will be a life saver.
  5. Mitsubishi GX Developer

    any idea about totalflow  
  6. Mitsubishi GX Developer

    Thanks friend.. you have provided me a lot of help.. you are true life saver.
  7. Mitsubishi GX Developer

    what is the differnce between 32 bit signed and unasigned number... also the value according to your ladder diagram is signed or unasigned stored in d500  
  8. Mitsubishi GX Developer

    OK.. JUST FOR knowledge.. 32bit register can store value upto 2(power32) right?  
  9. Mitsubishi GX Developer

    add d400 d500 d500...  i am making d500 as a total flow that has been read by flow meter. .so d500 should store a alot value.. how can i do that.. i mean d500 as 32bit
  10. Mitsubishi GX Developer

    you cleared alot .. but i want to know one thing. my values in register in case of total .. for example if we add d10 d12 d12 then d12has total values... when if we add and add .. then i want d12 has to stored more value.. will a 32 bit operation work for me or not..
  11. Mitsubishi GX Developer

    according to transmitter output i have taken raw value for analog .. the raw or digital value then i compare and insert all values for transmitter to register. i have just limitation to over flow.. when i use d500 as it is a 16bit register.. i just want to use 32 bit register.. and dont know procedure.. also help me out to find totalizer..
  12. Mitsubishi GX Developer

  13. Mitsubishi GX Developer

    Hello all ... i am a new plc user.. i am using D500 for taking value as it is a latched register.  i am taking value for a flow meter. i have two questions. 1. how totalizer is calculated from flow rate as my flow rate is in m3/h. 2. the value of register is gone upto 32000 approximately... i want that this value to go on.. i mean how 32 bit register is declared in plc .. a
  14. HMI and PLC Communication problem

    THANKS GAMBIT FOR all the help.. problem is solved . . as weintek is on rs232 while plc port is rs422.  sorry for your suffer.. and thanks for help...
  15. HMI and PLC Communication problem

    system comport setting