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  1. fx2n 4AD-TC

    respected all masters I am doing install module fx2n 4ad-tc with plc fx2n 128mr and i shall use only (k-type) thermocouple. give me complete ladder jpg file of fx2n 4ad-tc thermocouple k type. now attention respected masters never give the simple code and instructions of pdf I have more pdf and codes I want it all people did follow with easy way I hope you don't ignore me   thanks
  2. thanks you very much mortoch
  3. for reply thanks respected master jross sir give me of Mitsubishi website link and please give the information any website have different ladder program with simulations explain for learning Allah give you long life
  4. hi all master mind   I m irfan from Pakistan   I want to drive servo motor with plc Mitsubishi fx3g.friends how create the A.pulse and B.pulse in the programming ladder for servo Drive. respected masters solve it problem with thanks