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  1. Yes Sir, I have posted this topic on Citect MES SCADA group on LinkedIn, But It is also suggested from there to contact Citect support. Frankly Speaking i am scared of installing  hotfixes and patches provided by Schneider these days, It causes several other issues in running system. I already Mailed to Schneider Customer Care India for assistance But no reply from from there till yet. I can send you my Running SCADA Backup if You want a take a look sir.
  2. I have developed Vijeo Citect 7.5 in last 15 Days before at a Plant. During last 15 days scada went good and healthy, But suddenly its pop up window getting stuck after every 10-12hrs. So it is not possible to start/stop motor, drive. when press window button from keyboard then it becomes healthy again.  I am unable to reach at any solution for this problem. Please help me.