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  1. Updating an old laptop

    Hello,  I have a question on updating a laptop that we are using.  The current laptop I have is using windows xp with Rslogix500 version 6.20 and rslogix5000 version v20.04.00 (cpr 9 sr 5).  Lately the laptop has been running slow and having comm issues.  The usb ports get tied up and communication has been almost impossible with rslinx.  I constantly have been getting that that device is not recognized and the only way i have been able to establish communication is to keep rebooting the computer to free up the comm ports.  The computer takes about 15 mins. to reboot and load again.  Anyway, I have got the go ahead to get a new laptop.  My questions are what should i get and how much can i upgrade without having a bunch of headaches.  My thought was to purchase a laptop with windows 7 but I am not sure what that would involve to do so.  Is there a fee to upgrade versions?  Is windows 7 the best operating system to upgrade to?  Should i just get a computer with windows xp on it and leave everything the same?  Any advice here would be much appreciated.