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  1. Ethernet I/P

    I want to communicate with a load cell / scale controller SCT20-IP, which says it is Ethernet/IP. Do I need the EIP4CPPU or do you think I'll be able to communicate using QJ71E71-100?   
  2. RS232 Comm with QJ71C24N-R2

    I was able to successfully read scale values using nonprocedural protocol with the G.INPUT instruction. Thank you all for your assistance!
  3. RS232 Comm with QJ71C24N-R2

    After doing exactly as you said, I was able to connect it to a PC and read the continuous output results from the scale. This now tells me there is a problem with how the PLC interprets the data. I have the same settings in the PLC side with baud rate, stop bits etc. I have attached photos of my setup. I'm still not confident that I am looking in the right buffer memory address area so if someone would confirm that is K1537 (H601) onwards that would be helpful too, unless my QJ71C24N-R2 settings are incorrect using Channel 1. That brings up another question I just thought of - how do you specify in the FROM instruction which channel you are using? Or rather does the buffer memory separate channel 1 and channel 2 areas of storage? I'm currently hooked up to CH1. 
  4. RS232 Comm with QJ71C24N-R2

    I am using bidirectional protocol. The scale manual shows wiring on PLC side to jumper pins 1,7,8 together (DCD,RTS,CTS) and then jumper pins 6,4 together (DSR,DTR). It then says to connect/wire pin 3 (TXD) on PLC to pin 2 (RXD) on the scale & pin 2 (RXD) on PLC to pin 3 (TXD) on scale & then pin 5 to 5 (GND). All the other wires coming from the scale (pins 1,7,8,6,4 are disconnected and just floating since they are jumped together on the PLC side.  There is a tab when writing to the PLC called Intelligent Module Function where there is a checkbox "Valid" that I checked which apparently writes the settings/parameters to Flash ROM. This was recommended in the Mitsubishi training course on RS232 communication. I'm not sure exactly what this does or if it is necessary, but I did it anyways.   I'm not sure how to make sure it is the correct type of RS232. The scale is a Vibra HJ-K.
  5. RS232 Comm with QJ71C24N-R2

    I am out of options and settings to change that I can think of at the moment. Please send help! :)
  6. RS232 Comm with QJ71C24N-R2

    Sorry that was a typo - I actually used K1537. I even went into the Online > Monitor > Buffer Memory Batch monitoring and scrolled through a ton of memory addresses and couldn't find any changing values based on a changing scale weight.
  7. RS232 Comm with QJ71C24N-R2

    Solid advice. However, I flipped through the manual and it says the "Receive data" is stored in buffer memory address 1537 to 2047 (601H to 7FFH) so I changed the FROM instruction as follows: FROM H6 K601 D0 K1 and FROM H6 K601 D0 K50 and even monitored the buffer memory and did not see any values in that area. Should I look elsewhere or would that suggest I'm not communicating with the scale properly? I have weight on the scale so it should be sending a value.
  8. RS232 Comm with QJ71C24N-R2

    I need help reading values from a scale using a QJ71C24N-R2 module with a Q03UDECPU. I am using the FROM instruction - FROM H6 K10 D0 K5. The H6 I believe is correct since the QJ71C24N-R2 module is in the 3rd slot with starting address 060. I have no idea what to set as the buffer memory start address (K10?) and then I want the scale value to be in D0, reading K5 words (?). The QJ71C24N-R2 module RD light continuously blinks which might indicate it is communicating correctly (?) since I set the scale to continuously print / outputs its value. There are no faults on the C24N module. I had faults before I correctly set the number of data bits, parity and stop bits to match the scale settings. I used the scale manual for wiring and would attach pictures but the attachment link for this forum still isn't working. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  9. Beijer E-Designer Software

    I looked a little closer and the folder with just E-designer software is roughly 1GB.
  10. Beijer E-Designer Software

    I have the software downloads, but the file size is very large. Overall the folder with all the software in it is 3.5GB. Not sure how/where I can upload that for you to download. I think I have an old dropbox account or if you let me know how else I can transfer that large of a file online then reach out to me. I am slowly swapping out my Beijer screens for Mitsubishi GOTs since last year Beijer is no longer selling or supporting any screens.
  11. RS485 to Scale

    I got it figured out, finally! Thank you all so much!!!! @Wasan, I ended up prohibiting echo back through programming like you suggested and it worked. @DanW thank you for suggesting to play around with the syntax of the starting address. I ended up moving 0 into D10 and got it to read the first three registers, then tried moving 8 into D10 and it read the 8th register which is what I needed. The 8th register is the weight (40008)which is what I was after. I still can't read more than 3 registers (D11?) but I don't care because I got it all to work! Dan W I also floated the signal ground and swapped the RS845+ and RS485- wires so your advice was critical! Thank you everyone for your help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Attached are my working program and predefined protocol file in case anyone in the future wants it for reference.  Modbus_RevC.gxw PredefinedProtocolFunction03.pcf
  12. RS485 to Scale

    @Wasan I decided to use Modbus-RTU procedure as you described here: but still have no success. As soon as I execute the GP.CPRTCL instruction the module faults out, showing a last known error of 7F24 error code (sum check error). I've followed your instructions and attached my configuration. I'm still concerned about the wiring though as the scale controller has 2 jumpers of 2x 120ohm resistors across the RS485+/- terminals, but see the wiring diagram I attached if anything jumps out as wrong.     Modbus_RevA.gxw
  13. RS485 to Scale

    Also, what is the equivalent ADPRW instruction for a Q03UDECPU ? 
  14. RS485 to Scale

    Thanks. Do you have any advice on wiring this? I wired the RS485+ to SDB and RDB, then RS485- to SDA and RDA as suggested by the scale controller manual. I then grounded the cable shielding along with SG and both FG connections, but have no idea if this is correct. I couldn't find much help in manuals yet.  
  15. RS485 to Scale

    I figured as much. I started to look into that yesterday and will work more on that today. Do you happen to know which are the dedicated instructions or function blocks? I started looking into the function blocks, but have zero experience with them. The ones I downloaded (recommended from this forum), I couldn't even drag into GxWorks2 so had no luck there.