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  1. RS485 to Scale

    I got it figured out, finally! Thank you all so much!!!! @Wasan, I ended up prohibiting echo back through programming like you suggested and it worked. @DanW thank you for suggesting to play around with the syntax of the starting address. I ended up moving 0 into D10 and got it to read the first three registers, then tried moving 8 into D10 and it read the 8th register which is what I needed. The 8th register is the weight (40008)which is what I was after. I still can't read more than 3 registers (D11?) but I don't care because I got it all to work! Dan W I also floated the signal ground and swapped the RS845+ and RS485- wires so your advice was critical! Thank you everyone for your help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Attached are my working program and predefined protocol file in case anyone in the future wants it for reference.  Modbus_RevC.gxw PredefinedProtocolFunction03.pcf
  2. RS485 to Scale

    @Wasan I decided to use Modbus-RTU procedure as you described here: but still have no success. As soon as I execute the GP.CPRTCL instruction the module faults out, showing a last known error of 7F24 error code (sum check error). I've followed your instructions and attached my configuration. I'm still concerned about the wiring though as the scale controller has 2 jumpers of 2x 120ohm resistors across the RS485+/- terminals, but see the wiring diagram I attached if anything jumps out as wrong.     Modbus_RevA.gxw
  3. RS485 to Scale

    Also, what is the equivalent ADPRW instruction for a Q03UDECPU ? 
  4. RS485 to Scale

    Thanks. Do you have any advice on wiring this? I wired the RS485+ to SDB and RDB, then RS485- to SDA and RDA as suggested by the scale controller manual. I then grounded the cable shielding along with SG and both FG connections, but have no idea if this is correct. I couldn't find much help in manuals yet.  
  5. RS485 to Scale

    I figured as much. I started to look into that yesterday and will work more on that today. Do you happen to know which are the dedicated instructions or function blocks? I started looking into the function blocks, but have zero experience with them. The ones I downloaded (recommended from this forum), I couldn't even drag into GxWorks2 so had no luck there. 
  6. RS485 to Scale

    This controller also supports Modbus-RTU protocol with which I am unfamiliar, so this may be a better or easier option to communicate with?
  7. RS485 to Scale

    Hi guys, I'm trying to communicate with a scale controller (Rice Lake ACT20-AN) to read gross weight. Scale controller: RS485, ASCII bidirectional protocol, Baud 9600, Address 1, Delay 0, Parity None, Stop 1 PLC: Channel 1, Data Bit 7 (unclear if it should be 7/8), Parity None, Stop 1, Sum check code Exist, 9600bps, Non procedural protocol (should this be bidirectional?), Station number 2 (should this be different than scale?) I am using $Movp "$01t75CR" D6050, Movp K1 D6000, Movp K4 D6002, G.Output U8 D6000 D6050 M7000 which seems to work okay since M7001 does not turn on? I do not get any data, however, when running Movp K1 D6100, Movp k7 D6102, G.Input U8 D6100 D6150 M7100 at the same time as the G.Output instruction. I have attached the PLC program. Also, for wiring I wired the RS485+ to SDB and RDB, then RS485- to SDA and RDA as suggested by the scale controller manual. I then grounded the cable shielding along with SG and both FG connections.   Any help would be appreciated in figuring this out, thank you!  Scale_111219.gxw
  8. Reading from FX3U error message

    I am attempting to upload from a FX3U-32M to which I do not have a program for. Initially, I got an error message that the languages did not match, so I changed the program to Japanese. Then after uploading the program I received the attached error message (in the picture). I do not know what this means. When I open the program that I read, I can compile it, but with a lot of warnings, even a duplicate output. I'm concerned that I am missing something, and think the Local Labels might be an issue? I am only familiar with simple ladder projects, so maybe this was created using labels which I am not familiar with the process to upload that type of program.     
  9. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    The electrical department miraculously found a laptop still running Windows 95, I know right?! It is my lucky day. I also found a copy of the GOT program on a CD drive after digging around. I don't know how I'm getting so lucky! So I haven't tested the communication yet, nor do I really want to mess with it anymore, but I might if I'm bored. I will start on the upgrade process though now that I have the screens.
  10. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    The port I'm connecting to says RS-232C beneath it, if that helps any. @Veganic Maybe it is just the fact that I'm not using Windows 95? I'm not sure how we are going to install Windows 95 to try that though haha! I may just be starting from scratch for an upgrade (YAY!)   
  11. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    @kaare_tI tried a RS-422 converter cable and still had no luck. I even tried all the different communication settings, but couldn't communicate. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  12. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I finally came around back to this issue. Below you will see the recommended cable AC30R2-9P found inside the SW3NIW-A8GOTP Operating Manual in the section describing how to connect to the GOT. I noticed that this is to send data to the GOT, but would it be the same to upload data from the GOT? I haven't done anything yet to figure out how to convert to RS422 though to see if that is my issue.    SW3NIW-A8GOTP Operating Manual (Software).pdf
  13. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    I'll check the cable again or see if we have another one kicking around. I only mentioned that I was using the RS232 port off the laptop. I am plugged into the RS-422 port (I'm guessing) on the GOT. See the attached picture for where I am connecting to the GOT to ensure I am attempting to connect in the right spot. 
  14. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    GOT: A8GT-70GOT-EW Software: SW3NIW-A8GOTP Version 20N (downloaded free off Mitsubishi website) Communication cable: AC30R2-9P (rung out pins to test and was recommended in GOT manual)  I am trying to upload the GOT program using an old laptop with RS-232 port and have tried all baud rates on COM1 in the software. No other COM ports show any connection on the laptop, which is expected. I have even tried changing the GOT-type (although I figured it would be A870GOT-EL). The other options for GOT are A870GOT-TFT, STN/A810GOT or A85*GOT-STN,L. I have also tried to upload from memory and memory card, which are options, with no luck. I keep getting a connection failed message every time I try to upload. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks guys! 
  15. QJ71E71-100 communication between PLC

    Nevermind, just found out that a Q is unable to communicate with the FX3U-ENET-ADP, but apparently it can communicate with the FX3U-ENET. I was given some code by Mitsubishi tech support to communicate via MC Protocol and will give that a try.