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  1. RXLinx network item UNKEYED

    would keying trip an error on the communications unit?    
  2. RXLinx network item UNKEYED

    What does unkeyed in RSLinx mean and how do I fix it?
  3. adding I/O @ 1747-AENTR

    Will do. Thanks for the help
  4. adding I/O @ 1747-AENTR

    Ok, so I checked what my setup is and its a 1769-L16ER-BB1B that I selected from the drop down menu while setting up. Its supposed to be a 19. So I tried to fix it. I created a new file and went to select the L19ER version of cpu. Come to find out, its not in the list! Not sure where to go from here.  I still cant get the field to fill when trying to add I/O cards. My version of Logix Designer is 21. and any version of cpu I choose I can only go up to ver.21.
  5. Creating a tag group

    To be honest, I've never seen ANY documentation on command line. Its almost as if they are FORCING you to take their course on command line logic. Pain in the butt and wallet. I don't understand why anything would try to modify its poll rate.
  6. AB PLC 1400, RS LOGIX 500 WITH ABB ACS 850

    What are you trying to accomplish by doing a R/W with the drives?
  7. Creating a tag group

    Under "Me" as a controller tag should be a sub-group called "AreaName" with 250 bytes in it.  
  8. adding I/O @ 1747-AENTR

    I'm using a 1769-L19ER-BB1B. I'm trying to establish an SLC rack connected via a 1747-AENTR. I haven't connected anything to the laptop yet. Just doing the build for now. I right click on "Ethernet" in the controller organizer, add module, add the 1747-AENTR, set up number of slots and create it. When I go to add I/O to the SLC chassis, I right click on the new SLC chassis, click "add module" and my list is empty. I type some card data into the search bar in the window and nothing comes up. I can not create ANY SLC I/O slots.