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  1. Dear members ,  1.)I have sensor which i read it from analog input (0-10v)  specific value and i will pas it via analog output (0-10) to controll VFD for air spped controll .  so i'd like to keep specific value for example i will set value 260  , so if analog read  les that this value than analog output increase voltage to analog output , if analog read more than this value output decrease voltage .  2.) i have Digital to analog register D8096 which 0 value means 0 volt and 4090 means 10v , so when i need to pas value to i make MOV D200 D8090 , is there a posibility to limit write value to D200 to not pass 4090 ?
  2. FX2N 4AD2DA

    PLC is giving this error after using WR3A Built-in CC-Link/LT (LT-2) special function block invalid parameter settings (LT-2 dedicated area). Can someone help to solve this 
  3. FX2N 4AD2DA

    the plc give me this error after using wr3a
  4. FX2N 4AD2DA

    yes i have  China PLC PCB board  , but i dont know register for sending analog output , for that reason if someone worked with this type of plc and send me sample .
  5. FX2N 4AD2DA

    when i write code M8000 --------------------------------------[to k0 k1 h2100 k1] error flashing to PLC
  6. FX2N 4AD2DA

    Hi,    Doas anyone have any samples how to configure +10 analog outpu for china version of mitsubishi PLC , and how can i test if configuration work  ?

    similar to what you mention already am workig to control vfd.  i thout if there is any simple solution  bacause there 5 combination by 5 in permutation .

    actuali i need to make permutation so there are 5 combination with input . i created solution by mov command but there are a lot of combinatio . so am trying to controll VFD speed acording to X000 inputs .  i thought if there is any solution do decrease line of code.

    Dear all ,  Am trying to setup and condition of PLC in order to control analog output .  so question is : how can i make that when i have signal on X001(K100)    == D200 to increase value for 100 when i have signal on X001 and X002 (K50) === D200 to set valu ( 100 + 50) = 150 When i have signal in X001 and X002 and X003(k70) === D200 to set (100+50+70) = 220 but  when i have X001 and X003 than D200 to set (100+70) = 170 So i have 11 inputs with different combination to control speed of VFD depend on inputs . Thanks .
  10. Hi , I need to read encoder value on PLC / module QD62E and those value to be seen on the HMI , can anyoune tell me how to do it in to PLC in order that encoder start counting ?
  11. C252 counter

    Dear Kaarent , it not working ... to the d4 and 5 it shows me only  this line --------  
  12. C252 counter

    Thanks kraykov , this works well . Another question ? how can i put decimal after point for example 123.20  so encoder count shows me only 12345 ?
  13. decimal after point for FN2n PLC

    Dear Member , I have programed high speed counting via PLC FX2n using code c252 , but it shovs me decimal like 23545 , so question is how can i make number to have decimal after point example 123.20 ?
  14. C252 counter

    I have created everything right on counting value with C252  but i need when the proced dooes to end the value on C252 to be default liked 1543 when i use command [RST C252] the value goes to 0 , so how can i make it 1543 ?
  15. Am trying to make move arm to specific position which is controlled by encoder and PLC FX2n . am using C251 to count from X000 and X001 for A/B . 1.can anyone help me to calibrate position for example if i move arm 100mm on the PLC i need to see valu 100 . 2. if C251 value is les than 5 , Set Y000 .