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  1. It works. Thank you all for your help
  2. Isn't there any problem when installing an older version over a  newer version?
  3. I have Studio Logix v29, but I have received a machine with a Compactlogix PLC with firmware v24. How can I install controller v24 in Studio 5000?. In RsLogix5000, I have installed from v13 to v19.  
  4. Omron Ethernet/IP to Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP

    It works now. Thanks
  5. Omron Ethernet/IP to Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP

    I'm trying communicate an AB L18ERM with OMRON CJ2M-EIP using OMRON ethernetIP V2 file. I've followed the instructions on the pdf file, but it doesn't work. I attach images with the configuration and error message. Can anyone help me?