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  1. You can use  a support structure ( es HMI15_Recipe_hmi_Support )  with the same element of the array recipe where operator insert value.(set point,weight, temp ecc). and by subroutine you can copy the element of your support structure  in the array structure(by index).  
  2. Hi, Yes, is possible download project : using NB system menù. turn off the HMI. In the behind the panel there are two invisible dipswitch, you have to move ON  both of them(there are the explication writed on panel). turn on the hmi and the system menù is displayed. you can select USB->HMI on the bottom.turn off pull On the dipswitchs . turn on the HMI. For save program on a USB (from manual V106-e1-17 pg 403) When the project is too large, it can be directly downloaded to the external memory to operate. During the download(the same for download to HMI), check the [Download to USB1] in [Select Section] option in the [NBDownload] dialog box, Click the [Download] button and then the project file will be downloaded to the external memory. Note 1 If the project file is copied directly to the external memory without using Download, the project will not be operated. 2 Do not remove the external memory during the operation of the NB. The project may not operate correctly. 3 Use the recommended device for the external memory. in this link the image of the system menù