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  1. Thanks Ken, finally sunk in my old brain after i looked at it again.  
  2. Have a machine with a allen bradley kinetics 300 servo and a compact logix plc.  Machine is working but trying to understand the user units and scaling a little better. Motor has a pulley mounted that is 1.875 inches diameter. For one rev of the motor it moves a linear slide 5.890 inches ( approx 1.875 8 Pi). In the program there is a explanation that the inverse of this was taken 1/5.8904862 = 0.1697653.  The value of 0.1697653 is what is entered in the Servo controller through motion view as the USER UNITS.   In the program the operator will enter a value that the linear slide to move to. For example, move 10 inches then they enter a 10 in the HMI.  In the plc code there is a MOV command that Moves the value entered by the operator into a Tag for the servo that is defined as Servo_Drive:o.command position.  When the servo runs it moves the exact distance that is entered.  All of this works.   In the servo under Index0 there is the following.  Index type = Incremental,  Move =Trapezoidal, Distance = 1.0000 user units, Register distance = NA, Dwell = 0, Velocity = 1.000 - user units/sec, Accel = 10.00 - user units/sec2,  Decel = 10.00 - user units/sec2,  Next Index = 0, Action = Stop. The part i dont fully understand, with the above settings and the user unit set to value of 9.1697653 how does the drive know to move 10 inches when a value of 10 is placed in the Servo_Drive:o.command postion. Could someone help explain in a way i could follow? I called AB tech support but no real explanation. They just referred back to the servo manual and can not find anything in the manual to explain in a better understandable way.   Thanks
  3. Thanks. The main reason is he is convinced that it can be done cheaper with a plc since the machine builder told him they could do it with Siemens cheaper. He is brain washed into now thinking Siemens is the way and is cheaper than Fuji controllers or better than Allen Bradley since this machine builder told him that Siemens and temp control with the plc is the way everyone in the world does it. Bottom line is he thinks he knows just enough about controls to be able to decide what we should use which caused a lot of headaches. I was looking at using a solid state realy that has a 4-20ma input. Continental is the one we use with the Fuji and they make one that uses a 4-20ma input. The reason i was looking at doing this is only because a few years ago i did a autoclave machine that used a 4-20ma steam valve to control temperature and with a PID in a micrologix 1200 that project works very well.
  4. I am looking at controlling the temperature of some aluminum molds that we use on our equipment that currently have fuji temperature controllers and j type thermocouples. This setput works great, but our Director is now wanting us to look at using the plc to do this since he saw this at a trade show being done. If i understand correctly if you set the card up as Scaled for PID then with a J type thermocouple which has a temperature range of -346 degrees F up to 2192 degrees F then -346 would equal 0 and 2192 would equal 16383. In our current machines we have a fuji controller going to a solid state relay that has a 4-28vdc input and the fuji is set up as PID Control. If i take the value in from the thermocouple and use that in a PID to control the temperature then with the micrologixs analog output cards you have 0-10v or 4-20ma, what would i have to replace the solid state relay with? Is there a solid state relay that will work on a 4-20ma signal or 0-10vdc? I may be way out in left field on this. has anyone done this and if so could you share some insight and let me know if i am way out in left field or at least half way thinking right. if you have a sample code you would share that would be very helpful. thanks
  5. File Name: Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 and maples display File Submitter: kcor File Submitted: 27 Mar 2012 File Category: PLC Sample Code Thought i would put these in the sample code section since when i was searching i did not find much. The mrplc_post is the micrologix 1400 program and the mrplc_post2 is the maples HMI5043T display program which was created with the maples easybuilder 5000 software. Click here to download this file
  6. Version


    Thought i would put these in the sample code section since when i was searching i did not find much. The mrplc_post is the micrologix 1400 program and the mrplc_post2 is the maples HMI5043T display program which was created with the maples easybuilder 5000 software.
  7. Finally got a chance to work with the maples display and completed the project on the bench. Have to admit, really like the maples now that i have had a couple of days to work with it. I have attached the files. The maples file i had to zip, so you will need to unzip it and use the maples software Easybuilder 5000 mrplc_post.RSS mrplc_post.zip
  8. I found this thread by doing a search for maples and if possible could use some advice myself. I have inherited a project that a micrologix 1100 and a maples HMI5043t was orderd for. I have experience with the 1100, but none with a maples. The programming has never been done, but the engineer that was working on this has most of the panel wired. The maples is connected to the 1100 with a serial cable and I do know that the plan was to program the maples and the 1100 using the ethernet ports. Here is where I am confused at the moment 1. To program the maples display with my PC would i use a cross over cable like what i use when i program a micrologix 1100 when not going through a switch? 2. I have reviewed some of the documentation today, but to be honest not exactly sure how to set up the maples to communicate to the plc using the serial port but program the maples using the ethernet port with my pc. Was hoping someone on here has a lot of experience with these units and could possbily post some advice or a sample program. Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. h8pr-24

    The encoder we are using is a e6f-ab3c-c360
  10. h8pr-24

    have about 20 machines that have these units as well as the older omron c40 plc and a c200 expansion unit. Looking at replacing the controls with a new omron plc, and wondering which of the omron cam units would replace the h8pr-24. Looked at doing it in the plc, but have a lot of items that turn on for example at 340 degrees and off at 15 degrees and the fixer that work on these machines are used to the cam units that are also to control a lot of the operations of the equipment.
  11. new to ns, covert nt20s displays

    Thanks for info, what I am looking at doing is replacing a nt20s with a new NS series. Also looking at another project and looking at using a NS on it as well. I know this is display forum, but now wondering if the Omron Cqm1h series is considered a obsolete PLC, by obsolete, I mean that it may still be availiable but being phased out with the newer line of plc's. Also, is the NT series of displays also something that would be considered obsolete now as well. Thanks, when I get back into the office will try the conversion in a couple of weeks
  12. Have a lot of the older Omron NT20 and NT20s displays on some equipment. Getting harder to get these now, and we have about 200 of these units total and had a unit to fail last week, but able to pull one off of another machine that been put in storage, and it was the last one. Is there a way to convert the older Omron NT20s programs that I created using the Nt software? Also, which NS model would be the closes replacement for a NT20s? Thanks
  13. Have a question that I hope someone may have a good answer to. Have a machine that is a dryer that fabric is feeding through at speeds from 0 to about 70 yards per minute. We have been brainstorming about would it be possible to have the fabric as it exits the dryer run across some type of sensor that would measure the moisture in the sensor and also have some type of infrared temperature sensor to detect the temp of the fabric as it exits. Based on the moisture and the temp. determine how fast to run the fabric. For example, you enter a set point to run 40 yards per minute and maintain a moisture of 4%. and use the signals from the sensor to control a pid that would be used to tune the setpoint, plus or minus a percentage of the speed setpoint to maintain the 4% moisture. Does this sound something that would be possible, and if so, any suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. omron data

    Thanks for replys, i have downloaded peakhmi and experimented with it. I do have the cx and used the dde before, but what our mangers are looking for is some way to just start internet explorer and select a web page shortcut on the desktop and be able to view some type of graphical data. I have no experience with VB or with opc, kepware or any of that type of software, but trying to learn as much as possible. Hopefully will be able to possibly learn enough about vb and create something, but just like a lot of you guys, betwen allen bradley, omron, idec,siemens,mitsubishi,Setex,modicon, and all of the hmi that go with them, have a hard enough time just trying to stay up to speed with all of these software packages. I idea, if someone was to ever create a VB for dummy's that want to pull data out of different brand plc's and create a web page, man i bet that would sell like hot cakes. The info on this site has saved my butt many times, so thanks for any suggestion, we have never done any type of data collection in our plants and even thought about remote connection, because you could at one time get in a car and drive about 4 hours in any direction and get to the plants, now you have to on a plane and fly for half a day.
  15. omron data

    Thanks, i downloaded the demo for the ab micrologix 1000, seems pretty good. A little confused on what you would have to do in order to start internet explorer and view the demo application running from within internet explorer. I have seen there are some videos out there on youtube, but we are blocked from that at work. Could someone possibly just guide me in the right direction. thanks