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  1. F1/F2 conversion help

    Got it.  The logic makes sense to me now.  Thanks for the help.
  2. F1/F2 conversion help

    I'm in the process of converting a F1/F2 PLC to an allen-bradley.  I've got a print out of the ladder and trying to do a straight conversion.  Most of the code if fairly straightforward but I'm not sure what the following rung does.  I know it is a special function of some type but I can't find any info on it.  Any ideas?
  3. ACPU Gx developer connection issue

    Got the Keyspan in and still the same issues so I pretty much had given up for now and resigned to using the old Medoc PC for the minor changes I needed to make.  Yesterday I was looking thru our Mits cabinets I happened to find a black box Mitsubishi 422 to 232 converter(Model #422MITS) that apparently was used to program an F1/F2 Plc.  I figured I'd give it a try and  low and behold it connected straight away. So apparently the issue is the SC09 cable in some form or another.  The cable is 20+ years old so maybe a newer Rev handles these USB converters better or just something went bad internally.  I guess what gets me is the SC-09 cable works flawless with the Medoc.  Also the 422MITS does use external 12VDC power via a 120V transformer plug so maybe that has something to do with it. Thanks again for all suggestions.   Kevin  
  4. ACPU Gx developer connection issue

    Hmmm.  They mentioned the FX-USB-AW but I now see that this won't work for us as it is an 8-pin Mini-Din.  I think I'll go ahead and get a Keyspan on order.  I assume you have used the Keyspan with the older ACPU processors?                          
  5. ACPU Gx developer connection issue

    Thanks guys.  Still no luck connecting.  I did contact my vendor and they are going to send me a Mitsubishi factory USB cable to try. 
  6. Hey guys, Just purchased the new GX Works 2 software to aid in re-programming an older ACPU processor.  Currently having trouble getting a connection with the SC-09 cable via Usb serial converter cable.  The processor is an A1SH and GX developer is version 8.119z.  I've tried various serial port settings, 2 different USB converters and 2 different PCs(windows10 and windows7) to no avail.  I did go back with our original DOS Medoc software(on an old XP computer with built in serial port) and was able to connect and upload the program so I know the SC-09 cable is good. The serial port settings I'm using are identical to what the Medoc settings are on the older PC. Not sure where to go from here.  USB converter?(these work fine with some of the other software packages I currently use).  Not real familiar with Mits, so there could be something simple I'm missing.  I've attached a couple screen shots.  One thing I did notice is that I get alternating comms errors when the SC-09 cable is connected.  If I disconnect the SC09 cable I only get the  01808201 error which makes sense.  What does the other error code 01802007 mean?   Thanks in advance for any help.   Kevin