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  1. Docking Toolbars in GX Developer

    Thank you Gambit
  2. Is there a way in GX Developer to dock the toolbars in one place and have them in the same spot regardless of program openned?
  3. Mitsubishi FX3U Suddenly Stop Code

    I would check for loose wires on your 24v if that is what you have. Sometimes it is not even noticeably loose but if yougive it a little tweak it will solve the issue. I have run into this many times.  
  4. I have dabbled with the structured programming. However for me the ladder programming is more easy to read and follow. Of course that is how I was taught and what I have done for the last 20 years so I suppose if I had learned the structured I would be more comfortable using it.
  5. Standardize PLC code for new machines

    I wholeheartedly agree with the labeling. Make them label, and I even specify that the labeling conforms to our standard. It is a big pain to have wade through a program of ambiguous labels trying to find what each does and then relabeling, especially while troubleshooting.
  6. Standardize PLC code for new machines

    Understand that confidentiality agreements are only as good as the people on both sides of the agreement. The country where I spend the majority of my time working is notorious for stealing and reusing anything they get their hands on. Just saying the only true way to insure proprietary security is to keep it in house.
  7. Standardize PLC code for new machines

    I have a generic program for most of the machines I will order. I will specify that they use a certain type of hardware for the flame safety and a familiar processor as my people must be able to use the programs and understand the flame safety equipment for troubleshooting etc. I will specify that certain aspects of the machines must work in a certain way that we have found through the years to work the best. This will sometimes lead to some lengthy discussions because they have their canned ways also. Stick to your guns because you are the buyer and they want what you have, (money). If their are proprietary aspects of your programs that you wish to keep to yourself merely cut them out of the program you provide to them and reinstall when the machine is in house. This will entail accepting a base operating machine at delivery with the contractual addendum that your company will complete programming. Good Luck.  
  8. fx

    If you are asking what your maximum counter counts are this is what I found in my manuals: Setting ranges for counters: • 16bit counters: -32,768 to +32,767 • 32bit counters: -2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647  
  9. FX3U to FX3U via wifi

    Never mind. I just talked to my wife who works IT at a hospital and they run all their stuff off wifi. 
  10. FX3U to FX3U via wifi

    Curiosity question and off topic. Does EMS stand for emergency medical services like it does in the US? If so, are there no HIPA, (privacy),  concerns with using wifi to communicate with these carts?
  11. Upgrade to FX or Q?

    I agree with Ron_S. Unless you need some type of technology on available in the Q I would stick with what you have that works. "If it ain't broke don't fix it. Good luck.  
  12. TIA PORTAL connect with Mitsubishi FX3U

    Simply go to Youtube and type in FX3U or Mitsubishi and they will populate the selection section of the page.
  13. Connecting PC and E1061 HMI panel

    Is your usb cable after market? They can cause any number of intermittent issues with downloads and uploads. Known from experience.
  14. Conveyor belt help (Ladder diagram)

    The temp sounds crucial to the process so there will need to be conditions to monitor and reengage the heater to maintain that temp as the solution cools due to the parts being introduced. You will also want to monitor and interrupt the various motors for overload conditions. Think of everything that can go wrong and include safeguards to protect the machine.
  15. PLC Mitsubishi

    I have just programmed a China FX3U with my english GX Developer version 8.91. Worked for everything I needed. That unit was purchased directly in China.