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  1. Hello Guys, I have a NB5Q and NB Designer and I would like to erase the whole project and return the HMI into its original state as it was delivered from the manufacture. Is there an "easy" way please?
  2. Hello Guys, I'm new to Delta PLC. We have a new machine in our plant with the PLC mentioned in the title. I've downloaded ISPsoft and CommGR but now I'm wondering what kind of cable I need to communicate with the PLC? Could anyone more familiar with Delta advise please?
  3. Hello guys, In the past I was able to connect my laptop to micrologix PLCs. However, I've just found out that I've lost one half of the cable that I used to use. Please see the picture showing what I still have. The missing part is with USB for my laptop on one end and the other end is male (I think it's called RS232?). Could somebody give me a name or a spec of the cable I need to purchase please?
  4. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    Am I correct that to be able to plug the  CS1W-CN226 to the particular PLC  I'll have to unplug the connector at the top left (please see the picture)?
  5. How to connect to CQM1H-CPU51

    Thanks a lot for help gentlemen.
  6. Could you please advise what software and cable I need to connect with CPU CQM1H-CPU51?
  7. When I check the error code D32252, the value is 100 (x4) and the manual describes it as: Serial communications mode error The Modbus-RTU Easy Master function was  executed when the serial communications  mode was not the Serial Gateway Mode.  Any idea how I can understand it?
  8. I believe this is the code. The first part is writing the frequency set point into the drive and at the second part is I think just some scaling. (Although not sure what the APR is there for)..  
  9. Hello guys, A machinery in my workplace uses  CP1H  with  CP1W-C1F11 card to set a speed via modbus of a VFD (Schneider ATV12). Everything works OK for a while and the Communications Status Indicator on the card flashes with about 1s interval. After a random time (sometimes 15 min, 25min..) the communication freezes up, the indicator stops flashing and the VFD ignores any changes in frequency that are sent to it from the PLC. Any idea what might be the reason for the interrupted communication? 
  10. Thanks guys, the PLF and PLS works. It's a bit more cumbersome but it should do the job.
  11. I need to write a small program for an old FX0S where I wanted to use a rising edge instruction but the GX Works2 doesn't offer me this option. After a quick google search it seems to me that this PLC doesn't have this instruction set. Is there any way around it? I still think that my project can't do without them...
  12. Main differences between FX1N and FX0S

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, one or two questions please. Can I connect the FX0S to the same HMIs as FX1N? I'm asking because I have both PLC units but the FX1N has insufficient amount of inputs whereas the FX0S has plenty of them that's why I'd like to replace it. I know, they're desperately out of date, both of them. But it's not a complicated application that's why I'd like to use second hand units for a cost saving.
  13. Could someone sum up  for me please the main differences between FX1N and FX0S PLC? Thanks
  14. "Unusual" use of a shift register

    Thanks. I think I got it. I tried to run that particular part in a simulator as you advise me to but my CX-programmer freezes every time. There is the hourglass icon hanging forever. Do I need to be connected to a physical PLC for the simulator to work?