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  1. Hi! Make sure that drivers are installed. This manual also suitable for micro800
  2. Hello everyone! I have the quastion about Micro800, and i hope for your experince. We have a control station based on micro850 plc. Onboard com port using to control some equipment. The first plugIn module is 2080-serialsilos using to send data to main DCS. The second PlugIn module is analog input, and using to collect data from some sensors. Control station works fine for few months, but now we have a problem. After some time Micro850 is lost connection with PlugIn modules. Second com port is stops responding, and analog parameters are set to EUmin (0 mA), but onboard com port is still work, and i think that problem in backplane BUT If we reboot controller, station work fine, but only for 1-2 hour. Another version maybe modules go to fault due to high temperature?  t~25-30 C I wanted to check faults in Online mode, but i have project in controller v4.0 and CCW v9.0. I dont want to change firmware in PLC becouse if i make a mistake and station stops working for few days, it wil very bad. Guys, i need an advice about module diagnostics, why modules go to fault, and where i can get CCW v4.0?  Thank You