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  1. Sending event code to computer FX2N

    Thank you. I've not really done much outside of the plc programming itself so a little out of my element. They all have HMI's (mostly F940, but have upgraded a few to GT1050). From my understanding the IT guys basically just want the equivalent of a specified keystroke so seems like there should be a simple solution. I'll look into your suggestions and would welcome any additional recommendations as well.
  2. I have an application where our IT department wants us to output an event code via USB to a computer. The plc is a FX2N type which I don't believe has the capability (There are 12 machines to be done so I would rather not upgrade plc's if not necessary). So far the only thing we've thought of is fixturing a barcode reader and using the machine to trigger the barcode which would scan the event code. This seems pretty barbaric and was trying to find a more eloquent solution. Any ideas? 
  3. Convert FX2N to A1SH

    Unfortunately when I do that it does not give me an option for an A series.
  4. Convert FX2N to A1SH

    I was wondering if there was a way to convert a FX2N program to an A1SH. I understand there are functions you can do in a FX that you can't in an A series. My original thought was I could take my FX program and change the functions as I came across ones that would not work on a A series and then copy and paste to a new program, but when trying a small sample in GX developer when I try to copy a bit (say x0) and try to paste into the A series program I get the error that the plc is a different type. Was hoping someone knew a way around this.
  5. Alarm history on F940 GOT

    I included the buttons FFB0 and FFB1. Still doesn't highlight the alarms for some reason, but works correctly. I dumped the same screen in another F940 yesterday and it worked. The only difference in the two GOT's is that the 1st one (the one I can't get to work right) is a color screen and the other is Black and white. So it appears I at least done it partially right, but I still can't figure out why the cursor doesn't show up on the 1st one. I almost forgot the 1st one is hooked up to an FX series PLC and the other is an A1SH. I believe the alarm history function is internal to the GOT itself though.
  6. Alarm history on F940 GOT

    Thanks, I updated the OS to 6.40, but didn't resolve my issue. I've found out my cursor kinda does work, but just not how I want. It doesn't highlight the text, but if you keep pressing down it will begin to scroll pages. Anyone know how to get the cursor to be visible? Like I've said I have no problems with the 930GOT's. This one has me a little stumped. Thank you
  7. Alarm history on F940 GOT

    Hello, I'm having trouble with using an alarm history on a F940 GOT. I can get everything to work except for the scroll function. I'm using key codes FFB2 and FFB3 for up and down and FFB0 for cursor on. I've programmed this many times before on a F930 GOT with no issues. So is there something else that has to be set up? It is an older version GOT version 2.0 I believe. Thank you in advance
  8. GOT internal clock

    Is there anyway to access the internal clock on a f930 or f940 GOT from a FX2N or A1SH PLC? I'm trying to find a cheap way of having a real time clock. Thanks
  9. GOT foced bits

    What is confusing me is that on most machines I can force on X bits. It seems as long as the program is not forcing the bit off (which you can't do to an X bit) the force function works fine, but we have just a few that don't "latch in". I have tried to compare parameter settings between a machine with the same plc/hmi that does work to one that doesn't and haven't been able to come up with anything.
  10. GOT foced bits

    I was wondering if anybody knows why that sometimes we're not able to force inputs on from our HMI's . We use either A1SH, FX2N, and some old FXON plc's and F940 or F930 GOT's. On most of these we can go to the parameters of the GOT select HPP mode/device monitor then select a bit and force on, but sometimes the bit will only come on for 1 scan then shut off. I understand that if the plc is telling the bit to shut off it will do this, but it will also do this on X bits. The manual just says something about it may not work if on a network, but none of ours is. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance
  11. Communication With GOT

    I use this setup almost everyday and I always access the plc through the GOT. Since you say that you can access the plc program it would seem that you are using the proper cables. Even though this is probably obvious and not you're problem, but since you're using the same comm ports if you have both gx developer and gt designer open you must not be monitoring or transferring plc programs while you are trying to communicate with the GOT or you will receive that error.
  12. Unable to open files

    chakorules I copied the files to my hard drive first. When I get to work I will double check the attributes. I did this already, but maybe I missed one. Thanks for the replys
  13. Unable to open files

    Thanks navillusi for the reply, but the read only box wasn't checked. I right clicked all the folders main and sub and went to properties to check for this. Is this correct? Do you know of anything else that would cause this?
  14. Unable to open files

    I was wondering if anyone is having trouble opening files on GPP or GX developer after they are burnt on a CD? We have several CD that are full of our plants programs, but I have not been able to open them. I can get to the file, but it will just start opening the resource files instead of the program (I can't get that little green icon) . The only way I can get around this is to zip the files before I burn to CD then save to another computer and unzip it. I was hoping someone knew a way around this as this won't help me with the CD's we already have.
  15. Phantom input

    When I had this problem I glanced through the program and could not find an cmp, enco or similar instruction that might interfere with it. Although I will admit I was somewhat rushed as production has been hectic which is why I haven't had a chance to check it out since my last post. Hopefully I will get a good chance tommorrow. If I can't figure it out I will post the code. Thanks for all the suggestions