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  1. Temperature Transmitter Configurations

    Hi JRoss and DanW, Firstly, thanks for the quick and comprehensive response. Actually, I do not have the configuration device for the Flextop so I cannot check what the default configuration is. I thought replacing the old temperature transmitter with a new one will immediately solve the problem but apparently the Flextop still has to be configured. What I did was adjusted the output value in the PLC so that it will match the readings of the dial indicator. I can confirm the Flextop partially works because it can react well when there is increase in temperature and will  but when temperature drops, it is very slow to change. Maybe it has to do with the damping value as DanW mentioned. DanW, you mentioned that the dial indicator is not an accurate way to validate the readings so can you suggest a more accurate way to test the validity of the readings of the Flextop? It is measuring incoming steam temperature by the way.   Thanks,
  2. Hi, Recently, we replaced our old digital temperature transmitter with a Baumer Flextop 2201 digital temp transmitter. The application of the digital temp transmitter is for a hydraulic press and the output is fed to the Siemens S95-U plc. The Flextop was able to react properly promptly when there is increase in temperature but whenever there are sudden drops in temperature it is slow to react. The analog transmitter (dial) was already at 25 C when the hydraulic press was shut down while the Flextop was still at 35 C. We used a three wire configuration for this. Does this have to do with our wire configuration? I know there are 2 wire ,3 wire, and 4 wire configurations for 4-20 ma sensors but I'm not sure what are their differences among them. Please see attached configurations below.     Thanks,
  3. Change Value of External Tags in WinCC 7.4

    Hi, Im trying to change the value of my external tag DB31, DW54. My plan is for the user to input the values in the I/O field and click a button to change the value of the external tag. My problem is I can only do it through left click event direct connection on the button but it can only change the value once. How do I do this dynamically in runtime?   Thanks,
  4. Communication of STAHL MT-40 and S5 PLC

    Hi, It seems that our HMI and S5 PLC has problems communicating. The error "H-DB is not available" keeps appearing on the MT-40. I think the cause is the missing handling blocks (Please see picture below). When I checked our PLC program, I cannot find them anywhere in the S5 PL at allC. Should it be that the S5 PLC download these blocks from the MT-40 HMI?
  5. STAHL HMI outpur error: DB NOT AVAILABLE

    Hmm, so it's running from Eprom? I have not reset my PLC yet.
  6. STAHL HMI outpur error: DB NOT AVAILABLE

    The message on HMI is present once the silver cable is connected to PG port of PLC. The error message is on display all the time even in operation.
  7. STAHL HMI outpur error: DB NOT AVAILABLE

    No, the silver cable connects the HMI to the PG Port of the PLC. This is how the HMI gets the output values of the sensor data. So whenever the machine is started up, the error message will flash on the HMI. There are warning signals that appear like "Press temperature < 90 C" so we know the HMI is somehow getting data from the PLC. However, besides that we can't do anything with the HMI. I think that the HMI cannot see the DB values.
  8. STAHL HMI outpur error: DB NOT AVAILABLE

    Attached here is the program. I'm not familiar much with the program though. Actually I'm studying it myself.   PRESS ST.S5D
  9. STAHL HMI outpur error: DB NOT AVAILABLE

    The HMI cable is the silver one that was connected to the PG Port so I can only check the PLC if I disconnect the cable. That's the problem, we cannot trace the origin. It just happened as we were operating.
  10. How to connect PG2000 to S5-95U using RS232/TTY + converter

    Hi dekor, Please check this Thanks,
  11. STAHL HMI outpur error: DB NOT AVAILABLE

    Hi, We have a MT-40-TTY/232 PROVICOM TYPE connected to our Siemens S5-95U. Recently we have been encountering an error message all the time: KOMMUNIKATION*** F E H L E R ***DB NICHT VORHANDEN     Apparently, in google translate it means DB NOT AVAILABLE. What does DB mean? Datablock? What could be the cause of this? Ever since this has happened, the HMI cannot output the real time sensor values and all of the keys we press on the HMI will not do anything at all. I am currently checking the output in the S5-95U using PG2000 and I've filtered the DB and they exist.  
  12. How to connect PG2000 to S5-95U using RS232/TTY + converter

    Hi dekor, Thanks for the advice! PG2000 is now able to read the data. Now my next problem is debugging the error.
  13. How to connect PG2000 to S5-95U using RS232/TTY + converter

    Alright I understand. Will update here soon.
  14. How to connect PG2000 to S5-95U using RS232/TTY + converter

    Hi dekor, Thanks for the prompt reply! I will try this and will update the results. Do I also still need special drivers from Siemen?    
  15. How to connect PG2000 to S5-95U using RS232/TTY + converter

    Hi dekor,   Thanks for the reply.  Are you referring to this picture? Do you mean to say that the DB15 should be connected to the PG port (the silver one plug beside the EEPROM) ?    Thanks,