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  1. 1756-dnb connection error

    i'm trying to interface a 1756-dnb to a couple devices. i've got the rsnetworx configuration complete and dowwnloaded to the device. when i go online in studio 5000, the scanner is faulted out. the code is "16#0108 connection request error: connection type (multicast/unicast) not supported". what could be going on here? i'm using an l72s cpu and a 1756-dnb/a on the local chassis
  2. networking micrologix 1200s

    yes haha PC is 0, master/PLC1 is 1, slave/plc2 is 2
  3. networking micrologix 1200s

    no. i tried dh485 first and they lit up a lot but then i found out that the pic/aic driver doesn't work on win7. is the df1 slave driver supposed to be for this kind of thing? it would be good to have one of the plcs as master so that we don't always need to have a computer hooked up
  4. networking micrologix 1200s

    I don't have these plcs hooked up to any sort of process, i'm just trying to get them to talk to each other and to rslinx. I have 2 micrologix 1200s, each of which is connected the mini-din of a 1761-net-aic.  I have a third aic+ connected to  a USB to serial converter. all 3 of the AICs are wired together by rs485. i've tried configuring the plcs as df1 master and df1 slave with the PC running the slave driver, and also both plcs as df1 slave with the pc running the df1 master polling driver. they do not show up in rslinx. am i trying to use the wrong driver, or could the AIC be messed up? is there any way to test the AIC?