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  1. GOT1000 to Compactlogix Via EtherNEt

    Hello, Can you tell me how did you do that ?
  2. GOT1000&CompactLogix Tags

    I apreciate your help, I have to find the answer, 
  3. GOT1000&CompactLogix Tags

    Yes, i know the problem is in the tags, but rslogix create the tags, thats the problem, so when the gtworks3 says "map" means the rslogix has to map the tags or i have to do that? Or what does map means?
  4. GOT1000&CompactLogix Tags

    1.In the first image when i try to import tags i got that message. 2.In the second image im trying to set one tag to a one button, but the tags are there but i cant select one of them, because i dont have a device name I attached my tags, i hope someone can help me rslogiix5000tags2.CSV
  5. GOT1000&CompactLogix Tags

    Yeah, i read all that information already, but i got 2 problems the first one i dont know how to map the tags, the second one the gtworks3 just read me bolean and int type, but the dint and real tags the gtworks3 doesnt read them, Im gonna upload my tags and some screens for show you
  6. GOT1000&CompactLogix Tags

    Hello Im new using HMI got1000, Im trying to connect using Ethernet this HMI to a compactlogix, i already imported the tags, but i can't use any of them, because the gtworks3 says "you have to map the tags for set a device", i dont know what means map the tags, some one can help me please?