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  1. Just spoke with mitsubishi support. It is not possible to update the template and then have it reflected on the objects in the panel. So it's basically just a function to copy/paste a group with some attributes.

    GX Works 4 with GT Designer 4 will arrive next year...


  2. Hi. In GT Designer 3 i am using a template for motor control and status in a panel. Due to changes in control philosophy a button was added for STOP. This has been added and registered in the template. But how do I also update the objects? Should this have been done automatically if I had done it correctly?



    Template update.PNG

  3. 20 hours ago, said:

    I'm not sure if that was a rhetorical question or not.  Pain the the neck usually causes downtime. Pretty easy to figure the return on downtime cost vs equipment/development cost.  I'm not really a fan of anything Mitsu - PLC's, displays, cars, etc.  Me and Mitsu just dont seem to get along.  The AB software is really expensive; however, it works.  It has a lot of features and they keep improving it.  I'll pay for quality.  Also there is a time component.  I can program twice as fast - maybe even a greater multiplier - in the RSLogx5000 platform versus most others.  Partially due to my experience with that compared to others, but also due to the structure and ease of programming in that package.  The hardware is also pretty solid.  Install and forget.  Let the spares gather dust.  Finally there is a sanity factor. What's left of my sanity after years in this business is worth paying a little more to me.  Most of the Japanese processors seem to target eliminating my remaining grasp on reality. 

    It was rethorical.

    I don't mind Mitsubishi so much. GXWorks2 and now 3 is quite nice to program in. The hardware setup part though. A million settings? Crazy. The other week I was amazed/shocked to know that using an IO-module that allowed hotswap required an individual project to be setup in GXW3, and some interface addresses that needed to match. *siiigh*

    Siemens TIA portal 15 is better than it's reputation I must say. The HMI / SCADA part i cant comment on yet.

    Is allen bradley using IEC 61131, the standard for logical controllers? AB is not big here in northern europe. I have only yet encountered National Instruments stuff as part of the american plc business.

  4. 23 hours ago, Gambit said:

    Just noticed but the offset function only supports a register no constants 

    so you would have to then make some labels and give them the correct value via a script.


    Thanks for info. But I will just keep haggling with this and advise with the Mitsubishi contact on monday. To establish how many hours i can save, and how many i have wasted so far :)

  5. On 7/10/2020 at 5:32 PM, said:

    Just noticed this comment.  Yes RedLion products are in wide use here in the US.  They are my goto for HMI (and yes free software but not my major concern) and they also own Ntron switches which I have been using exclusively for years.

    I gotta say, my work is all done in the industrial sector.  Paying for good software is not a big issue to me.  Paying $500 or $5000 for a piece of software that is going to be used on a $10 million dollar line doesn't seem a big issue to me as long as it is a good solution for the line.  There are too many people in the industrial world that treat things like this as if it was a personal expense.  If I can save an hour of downtime with quality software in an industrial environment, then I have generally paid for the software.  Just a thought.  Different mindset is necessary.

    Agree. What is a reasonable cost in the beginning, in comparison to a pain the neck later on?

    On 8/2/2020 at 7:14 PM, pop29684 said:

    Are you asking about the firmware updates? No, this is not widespread in the USA.

    Are you asking about the use of RedLiion? Yes, they are used frequently here in the USA. Especially when you need to move data between hardware platforms. I don't think there's any equal for this functionality. The translation is automatic. Connect any two hardware platforms and the Red Lion will happily move data bi-directionally all day long without any complaint. Most hardware drivers are included.

    Okay. Seems like decent equipment. I'm using Mitsubishi GT Designer right now and am not so excited. Will see how that develops...

  6. Hi. I am looking for a way to efficiently add and edit objects created from a template. I had hoped to be able to paste directly from excel, but that is not possible. All i want to change for a template are the four numbers following the "M". Best would be to have a variable in the template that is included in all strings, but this is perhaps too much to ask?

    For example i want to change everything with M1477 to M1495. How should this be done?


    Template propery.PNG

  7. On 2020-04-23 at 2:25 AM, pop29684 said:

    Not to mention the free HMI firmware upgrades that keep their performance competitive.

    Is this common in the usa? I have never heard of it.

    On 2020-03-05 at 9:00 AM, DarkEdge said:

    Hello everyone,,

    Either windows based or to program a specific panel, I'm looking for the pros and cons of both. I get to design the user interaction of a system from scratch and I'm looking for options and products to avoid. Thanks! 

    Stay away from ifix is my advice. I liked cimplicity, also from ge, but never saw it on a panel. Beijer ix is also nice. There are server based solutions such as webport. If you go for beckhoff plc it has an integrated webserver and lots of possibilites. Haven't used it myself yet but it's a direction i want to go.

  8. 14 hours ago, GreenMan said:

    Hi Rolf Inge

    Didi you get it to work? If you are using the CC-Link IE Field bus with a remote head station you need til set ut the station with a network number and staton number. And maybe more dependig on what kind of modules that are mounted. First transfere bust be done with USB after that you can tunnel the transfer via main CPU to the remote station.

    Good luck :-)


    Thanks for info. I was communicated that a second project was necessary if the hotswap function was used. It is not necessary in this project though, so we will try to configure the remote head station in the main project.


  9. Hello. I am told that the use of a remotehead IO-module demands that a separate project is necessary. Is this true?

    I am using a R32EN cpu.


    EDIT: Just received word that it's because it's necessary for hotswap.

    Cheers // RI

  10. Hello. The project I'm in have decided to switch cpu-model from R04ENCPU to R32. It does not seem possible to change it in the module config / hardware view. I try to delete the old CPU, but cpu module cannot be deleted...

    Anybody know?

    CPU change.PNG

  11. Hi. This regards ventilation.

    A room has two air inlet dampers (pretty much like a big air valve in a ventilation duct). Only one is used at a time to regulate temperature in the room, and the other is then closed. When switching the inlet of air from one damper to another; i have not decided what method to use yet. I consider splitting the regulator output in two and let the one damper ramp down to this value, and the other ramp up.  When these values are reached one ramps up to the full regulator output and the other to zero. Not quite sure this is the best solution, and the code is not written yet :)

    Anyone done anything similar or has suggestions?


  12. 2 hours ago, Gambit said:

    You have a library for a simple style project but you have created a structured programming project.

    Just download the one for structured programming.
    But why do you need it ? why not just use the Intelligent function module



    Thanks. The thing is that i had to run next to the bicycle. So to speak. The project contained an old plc-system that I modified for it to work with a new test scenario. Timeline was short so that when I got IFM working it was "too late". The test had to be started and i reverted to the old software version which contained the old "writing hex-values to register business".

    Instead i was trying to "on the fly" create a gliding average function and do an online change. But in the end the test was completed, albeit with a stuttery load cell value, and equipment was put in warehouse again. Next time I'll use IFM only :)


  13. 18 minutes ago, Gambit said:

    The reason it is greyed out is because he hasn't selected the User Library TAB at the bottom.

    Correct. My mistake. Funny function...

    Anyway, i followed the steps described here for installing Q68A_V100-fbs.

    Instead of acting like the pdf, gxworks wants me to point to a SUL-file. Which i dont have. Can be worked around by finding the sample project installed.

    Am i doing it wrong?




  14. 1 hour ago, Gambit said:

    Yes no problem ? which Analog module are you using Q64AD?  It's just a matter of setting some values to the  correct BFM adresses.

    There is probably also a FB available if you prefer.


    Im using Q68ADV analog in module. A FB would be nice, but learning how to to the BFM-piece would also be interesting.