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  1. What happens here? L06 / Gxworks 2

    Hello, Thanks for the input @kaare_t and @Clear.Mind, here comes the output :) # I see now why i should include the rising edge detector here. But what's the difference between PLS and PLS_M? GX Works 2 help is silent on this matter. # As to the last issue. How the sequence can jump from STEG=3 to STEG=4 without NIVÅ_FÖRRÅDS_KÄRL < NIVÅ_FÖRRÅDS_KÄRL_TOMT ? As mentioned there seems to be a correlation between IN and Q on TON_2 turning false and STEG turning 4, skipping over the criteria LESSTHAN. Cheers // DA
  2. What happens here? L06 / Gxworks 2

    Thank you for replying. This is What happened before this video: OMR_TIMER was high and TON_2 timer ran, ran out and reset bit OMR_TIMER. So question is why TON_2: IN and Q stayed true even though bit OMR_TIMER was reset. I agree with you regarding the overlapping memory area. Do you know where i can find out if and what is overlapping? What do you mean with PLC_M? That i use specific memory area? As mentioned i am using GX Works 2. Cheers //