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  1. scrolling text

      Either of the two displacements or regular texts
  2. scrolling text

    HELP How can one implement scrolling text in GT Designer3 in GOT-2000?       THANKS!!  
  3. GOT Mobile 2000

    I did it but my CoreOS is older Where I find a new version? I have the Version -N But say it's older. Help!
  4. GOT Mobile 2000

    Hi. I have a problem with the communication GotMobile in GOT2000 This is the error (Photo). PLEASE HELP!!!
  5. GT2708-STBA

    Hi. I have a GOT 2000 (GT2708-STBA ) with the version BootOS 1.17.00.R001.-Z i need to change versio more old.    How do I make the change?