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    Can someone please tell me something more on a FLEXEM PLC & HMI. As there is very little information on the web (except the Fstudio manual with least explanatory document). My company works on this type as it costs less and have lots n lots of features.  So I need some more information or programs for reference. Please give me actual project programs so that I can see it as reference.   Thanks,
  2. HMI not recognized via PC

    Anyway ...thanks... Cable was indeed faulty...
  3. HMI not recognized via PC

    Yes..GT Works 3...Version 1.160S I think the cable is faulty..gonna change. Btw if that could be the problem which pin of the USB2.0 to USB Mini-B is faulty?
  4. HMI not recognized via PC

    @Akahige   Course..... Every software which came with GX Works3 (Ez socket, data transfer, etc)
  5. HMI not recognized via PC

    I am trying to connect HMI( GS Series) to Laptop but every time it says " Device not recognized ".  Tried changing the port, Laptop, whole HMI.  It was working for 2-3 times after installation of new software( both Windows and GX Designer). Tries uninstalling and installing GX designer. Pls help.