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  1. Mitsubishi PLC loses ethernet communication with PC

    I am not sure about other times but I believe I didn't close out the connection before I removed the ethernet cord last night when this happened. I will make sure I do this from now on as this may be my issue although the timeout function on this PLC (Q series) is longer than 15 seconds, as last night it lasted a half hour at the end of the shift and I was still not able to connect. This seems like a very plausible reason for my issue. Thank you for your response, I will follow up in a week if I do not have any issues with it again.
  2. My HP laptop will lose communication with Mitsubishi PLC occasionally after removing ethernet cable to download from WiFi. Our company limits the ability to use the wi-fi when I have an ethernet cord connected to my laptop, it has to do with security. If I am connected to the Mitsubishi PLC, then want to download another file from our autosave, which we connect through the wifi, I have to remove the ethernet cord from my HP laptop to enable the ability to go wireless, however sometimes when I attempt to go online with the PLC after I re-connect my ethernet cable, GX developer will not allow it. I can ping the plc and even go online with other PLCs on the network, but for some reason, the one I was connected to will not connect. I restart my computer and even re-download the file again from autosave but no joy. Its not until an unknown amount of time that it will allow me to re- connect, its as if I lose the socket connection on the plc and it needs time to reopen. I talked to our IT department and they have no ideas. Thank you in advance for any help on this matter.