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  1. SCL Powerup Fault

    Haven't abandoned the thread, just haven't had a chance to get back to the site.  Should be there tomorrow.   BTW - double checked the jumper, its good.
  2. SCL Powerup Fault

    Unfortunately, I don't have a spare 4-slot, but I do have a 7 I can use to test.  Thanks, for finding that old thread - I looked at a bunch, didn't find that one. I'll post what I find.
  3. Need a little help here - I am trying to re-purpose some old hardware.  I have 2 old SLC5/04 B processors (+15 yrs?), that are giving me the same problem.  After a power cycle, they boot to a solid fault light - no comms.  Cycling the keyswitch has no effect.  Popping the processor from the rack and reseating it, powers up in a default state - it will not reload automatically from the EEPROM (when I establish comms, I can reload from the EEPROM or download the program from RSLogix).  I can't read the processor fault.  The battery is good.  The rack was scavenged, I have no idea its history.  Also in the 4-slot rack are DI, DO and RIO Scanner cards. I would consider my self a competent programmer, but no A-B expert.  Any ideas here would be appreciated.