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  1. RsView Studio Tags problem !

    Thank you all for your answers. I had to restart the rslinx server and that actually solved the problem !
  2. RsView Studio Tags problem !

    Yes i tried it. What is strange is that when i did the same modification on the program running on the second controller, everything worked fine ! The reason why i chose online edits in the first place is to avoid stopping the whole process, which will cause significant loss to the plant. P.S : i kept getting a stange error on RsView Studio when running the client, it is something related to a DNA SERVER PROXY.
  3. RsView Studio Tags problem !

    Hello everyone ! The plant where i work uses allen bradley CompactLogix 5000 controllers. It has three controllers, each one controlling a seperate production line. So my superior asked me to add a functionnality to the existing program, and after a little research, i found that it is better to edit the program in "Online Mode", and that's what i did. After that, i wanted to associate the new tags i created with some views in RsView Studio, but i cannot find any tags in the online folder associated to the controller, even though the connection shortcut is set and is working, and the online folders of the other two controllers contain all their tags ! Any suggestions please ?