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  1. NX1P2 explicit messaging

    Hello IO Rack, I succeed to communicate with this block. It's ok. thanks again
  2. NX1P2 explicit messaging

    Hello Crossbow, It's ok, I tried to use the function block UCMM Send and use my device unconnected. That's works perfectly. I'm surprise because the explicit messaging should work connected and unconnected. Maybe that the device don't be Ethernet class 3. I must learn more information about that. Have you some links interesting to help me ? Thanks in advance. Pascal.  
  3. NX1P2 explicit messaging

    Hello Crossbow and IO Rack, Many thanks for your answers. As I'm connected with my Omron I must use the CIP Send. The CIP_Open function block is ok but I have an error 1C00 "explicit message error" with my function CIP_Send. I can't solve this problem however I'm sure that the instance, class and attribute be right. I don't understand. I keep looking, I never give up Pascal.  
  4. NX1P2 explicit messaging

    Hello IO_Rack, Thanks to answer to my request. I use a controller for electrical actuator (JXC91 from SMC) in Ethernet/IP. I thought that the CIPUCMM instruction was to communicate between 2 PLC. I'm going to try tomorrow morning (I'm in France). What is the difference between CIPUCMM and CIPSend ? Thanks for your help. Pascal
  5. Hello, I try to have a communication between a device in Ethernet/IP with my NX1P2. I use the CIP_Open block before the CIP_Send block but I have an error 1C05, "connection not established". However my communication is ok because I can drive my device in implicit messaging. My IP address is ok. I don't understand. Somebody can help me please ? Pascal.