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  1. Hmi temperature delta

    I have connected 2 temperature devices with him delta with plc delta by rs485. When I run plc I can see the temperature change on pc but the problem in hmi  it's give errors. Com 2 errors  I need someone help me to connect these devices please 
  2. S5_6es5

    I THINK the analoge to digital conversion is Faulty,and this model  is very old,and there is  difficult  to find  one. Regards 
  3. S5_6es5

    Hello  everyone  we have plc simatic s5 115u cpu944b and analoge output6es5 466_3la11, suddenly the outputs come to zero we close the machine and open many times.then the outputs come again.  is anyone have any idea about this problem please Regards 
  4. S5_6es5

    I want to know  if the problem  from analoge inputs unit  .if ok  What is expected or is the reason for considering that the unit works after the main cutter and restart it several times
  5. S5_6es5

    Hello Mr Collin i use many inputs to analoge inputs 6ES5 466_3la11, now when the machine was running or stopping, all the inputs to the analoge inputs unit ok.  now for porgram the values is ok when no problem, but when the problem happened the inputs not ok inside porgram, but if you test by tester the inputs ok Now in the picture  inside Fb1 mw102 the value 5fb is ok when no problem.but when we faced  problem  the value disappeared..
  6. Fxu3 _Ad4

    Thanks Mr wsan,and everybody  help me,that what I looked for. Regards 
  7. Fxu3 _Ad4

    hello everyone. I have plc fxu3, and I need to connect tow motors with the same channel from fxu3_DA4, can I DO?
  8. Fxu3 _Ad4

  9. Fxu3 _Ad4

    Thank you Sir, the problem is that I do not have the password plc and at the same time I have a problem with the output of channel number 3 of the da4a module, as you mentioned, ihave connected the output of the first inverter 0_10 v with the input of the second inverter but when the speed for first inverter increas the output 0_10v decrease, therfor I thought if I connect the same input for tow inverters
  10. Fxu3 _Ad4

    Yes sir,Mitsubishi A800
  11. Fxu3 _Ad4

    Yes sir, this is what I meant but the reference is from 0_10 v, if the parallel is connected, the signal is weak
  12. Fxu3 _Ad4

    Yes sir, this is what I meant but the reference is from 0_10 v, if the parallel is connected, the signal is weak
  13. PLC siemens

    Hi everybody I have PLC Siemens s7-200 smart CPU sr20 and I want to know ,what is software I need and the cable for PC Best regards
  14. dvp60es2

    Hi everyone I have PLC delta dvp60es2 ,when I connect with software wplsoft v2.37 The PLC ask me to write PLC ID What plc ID I don't know please help me Best regards      
  15. PLC Mitsubishi

    Hi everyone I have gx developer version 8  support fx3g,can I used it for fx3ga. Best regards
  16. fxg3-fx3s

    I have fxg3 and fx3s Mitsubishi PLC and gx developer software ver.7 ,my question what is the suitable software and cable to connected with pc
  17. PLC Mitsubishi

  18. PLC Mitsubishi

    Hi everyone Yes made in China
  19. PLC Mitsubishi

    Fx3GA from china
  20. melsec A0j2H

    I have plc melsec a0j2h I want to know how can i connect this with laptop windows xp 1- caple 2- plc software help me please.
  21. melsec A0j2H

    Tankyou Mr Rodney Any version from gx