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  1. Standard password do CPM2B

    After clear, mon, clear need a 6 digits password, i not find this in CPM2B or CQM1-PRO01 user guide. My problem is we have seller a plc from steper Otis with the Otis, but the lógic this plc are different of other steppers and not work.
  2. Standard password do CPM2B

     Someboby know the STANDARD PASSWORD do PLC Omron CPM2B? help please!
  3. [Manuals] - W341-E1-04 PRO01-PRO27Programming Consoles

     Good document!
  4. CQM1 PRO01-E copy paste with CPM2B 60 CDR

     Nice, thanks Jay Anthony, im reading this user guide, this one say only CS and CJ series but maybe work with my CPM2B. Thanks again.
  5. CQM1 PRO01-E copy paste with CPM2B 60 CDR

     IO_rack, we Havent a PLC CQM1, we have a programmer CQM1 PRO01, the sercice tool of Omron, but um not find nos to copy paste with this programmer and with CX one software o not find the apropriate service cable. With you, or somepeople have a user guide from this programmer CQM1 PRO01 its help me really.
  6.  Hi, im from brazil and need some help, some days ago i buy a programmer CQM1-PRO01-E beacause one plc CPM2B are deceased, we have another equipaments with this one, but CX programmer not response and de are trying day after day, but with this programmer i want copy and paste the logic from other PLC. Can you help with copy and paste on programmer CQM1?