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  1. making a triangle

    @Crossbow i set the program after the motor done moving before the interpolated step. i also try to test 1 by1 movement and pause for 1 sec then continue to making diagonal. the acceleration should be done before the motor starting the interpolation. the result still the same. any suggestion?
  2. making a triangle

    @Gambit i set all the servos parameter same.  is it possible if the mechanic installation error cause that problem?
  3. making a triangle

    @Gambit ok. so here i have a Q02HCPU that control a QD75D4 motion controller. the motion controller controls 2 motor, MR-J3-20A (as axis) and MR-j3-40A as(y axis) i set the program and parameter via GXworks 2 here is where i set the position addresses for both motor.  image"1" shows the positioning data for axis 1 and image"2" for axis 2 the triangle i made : - 1st axis 1 move to 65536 pulse, then axis 2 move to 65535 move, then both motor interpolates to back into 0 pulse position the triangle start at 0 pulse.
  4. making a triangle

    i have done the programming of triagnle, first the motor x move 65536 pulse to right, then motor y moves 65535 pulse to top, and then both motor interpolates to 0 pulse. but why when both of the machine interpolates, the x axis motor move slightly faster at first (making a small straight line) but connected at the destination position.
  5. can we control LN298 motor driver with PLC?

    @Crossbow L298N i mean, its a motor driver. normally used with arduino micro controller.
  6. can we control LN298 motor driver with PLC?

    i want to control bipolar stepper motor with LN298. can we using mitsubishi Q02H cpu to control the motor driver?
  7. Machine OPR and setting zero position

    @kaare_t im using mitsubishi plc. q02h cpu. i have wired the near dog signal at qd75d4 motion control, but the signal is off although the sensor is on. opr is a operation for zero position (initial position) 
  8. Machine OPR and setting zero position

    how to set a machine zero position using OPR sensor? everytime i turn on the plc the program will read every last position as zero position. i want to make a single spot as zero position
  9. setting data in QD75D4

    thankyou @AlexMota i have done the square and triagle thing. but still fail doing circle.
  10. setting data in QD75D4

    I've tried like this but its fail, both of the motor works simultaneously. any suggestion? 0 is the initial position. i set motor x to first move to 65536, and stay there for 1 position (position 5), then back to 0 the motor x move at position 5 and back at position 7. but the motor works simultaneously. if i set the axis #2 in data axis #1 the program thinks i want to interpolating.      
  11. setting data in QD75D4

    okay thanks for your explanation alex and @Crossbow
  12. setting data in QD75D4

    i want to try making a Square with 2 servos, im using mr-j3-20A and mr-j3-40A with QD75D4 as motion control. do i set the data in position_axis data or  in starting_axis block data??   i want the motor-20A move CW for 1 rotation, then motor-40A CW for 1 rotation, then motor then motor-20A CCW for 1 rotation, and last motor 40-A CCW for 1 rotation. and i get the square. the motor have 262144 pulse per rotation. i want it move simultaneously     or are there anyother way?  what is interpolation?
  13. ERROR 2110 and 2112

    ya i have jogged with mr configurator and no problem.   i am no longer using zp.pstrt1, now im using the MOV command. and it works well so far
  14. looping

    how to make looping in ladder logic? but i want to make the data +1 each time until 3 and return back to 0 after reaching 3.
  15. What is M code in mitsubishi qd75d4?

    i have a question about M codes. what is it? using QD75D4 motion control