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  1. CJ2M-CPU33 >> FINS >> PC

    Mark, I think I'm on to something. I figured out that, when I open the PLC memory table I can view and monitor the following memory areas. CIO A T C IR DR D TK H W E0 From what I understand is that memory area CIO (common Input / Output) I can toggle bits and that reflects back on the output card on location 00.   So what I need to figure out is how to use FINS to manipulate the CIO memoy Area to control inputs and outputs.
  2. CJ2M-CPU33 >> FINS >> PC

    What do you mean by "If the I/O is automatically mapped" because I have made a I/O table for my test PLC. I've read the FINS commands documents but I don't understand the workings of it jet. How would such a command look like if I want to make output 0 of the CJ1W-OC211 High without having to program the PLC. Would you mind giving me an example.  
  3. CJ2M-CPU33 >> FINS >> PC

    Unfortunately I have no acces to a HMI display. so I'm stuck with using a PC based system. Is it possible to control IO without a program in the PLC?
  4. CJ2M-CPU33 >> FINS >> PC

    Hi all,   I have a challenge and I'm hoping for some feedback from all the smart folks on this forum   First some background  about this post:   I work for a company that builds switch panels for the food industry. All these panels use the same PLC unit CJ2M-CPU33. As of today we manually test these switch panels by checking if the wiring is correct with a DM (digital multimeter), but we do not check component functionality, such as powering relays or testing E-stop circuits. The reason is that we do not have a PLC program to control all these elements.  The ultimate goal is to automate these switch panel checks as much as possible, the only time user input is necessary would be to flick a switch on the front panel. The flow of information would be as follow: PC sends command to PLC (output Q0.00 - High) PLC sets output Q0.00 High (via terminals and some circuitry) PC gets signal back PC checks information PC sends command to PLC (output Q0.00 - Low)   Everything has to be controlled via a windows application  (Visual Basic) because that is what I understand. About PLC programming I don't know much about ladder diagram programming, I know how to build simple programs but that's all. But I will learn a lot more by doing this challenge   To get started I have search the forum on topics that relate to FINS command and Visual Studio. I've found some interesting topics one of which had a  ActiveX component for visual basic named INDAFINS so I will investigate what the possibility's are. Also I have downloaded some FINS command reference documents I need to study does because as it stands I'm a total noob when it comes to FINS commands. I hope that some of you want to think with me on this and share your thoughts about the subject.   My current test setup looks like this     COMPOTENT PSU 24V= 5A Weidmuller Switch Omron PA202 PSU CJ2M-CPU33 Omron OC211 (outputs) 6x 24V weidmuller relais