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  1. How to make a recipe Delta PLC?

    Well. A find a simple way to do that. If anybody need make a simple program with array and pointers can try this. Works for me and now i share my solution.    
  2. How to make a recipe Delta PLC?

    Hi, Could someone help me to make a recipe in PLC delta DVP or AS, I didn't find any function or something to start with. Thanks
  3. Not able to run simulator (CP1L)

    I can fix this problem with online simulator. Step 1: Change in option > PLC > Uncheck Automatically transfer program to simulator Step 2: Click on Simulation > Work Online Simulator Step 3: Click Transfer to PLC, In this step the error will appear again, no problem Step 4: where it is written "Transfer to /From: Memory card" Change for Comment Memory  Step 5: Some errors will appear but you will be able to transfer the program and simulate online, it was the only way I could, I still do not know why this error. Images att