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  1. Change year/month/day on panelview plus 7

    Hi Kaiser, would the same rule apply for micrologix? I am using RS500. I will try working on this tomorrow. Thanks for all your help, i appreciate it. I will do some more digging.
  2. Change year/month/day on panelview plus 7

    Quick edit, I just realised that the system tags are read only. I am assuming i have to use global connection here. Any insights regarding this would help.  
  3. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows why we cant change the date on an application using the system tags? I was able to use the system tags for time and that works fine. however, year,day and month are giving me a write error. (Basically made a screen for the user to change the datae/time instead of going through the terminal settings. Using RS500 controller: Micrologix 1400 HMI: PV+700 Factory talk studio ME.