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  1. CJ1M Contacts and Timers

    Thanks guys! That makes sense. Do you know of a tutorial or resource I can use to learn how to do just that? I only have the completed logic, but don't know how do it for a CJ1M controller. Thanks again. I appreciate it.
  2. Programming a HMI to revert to Home Screen

    Thank you for the help! We are indeed using an NS5 HMI module. By PLC code do you mean using ladder logic in CX-Programmer? Or doing it from CX-Designer?  Is there an example/tutorial out there that you know of? Thank you again.
  3. Programming a HMI to revert to Home Screen

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone here could explain to me how I can program my human-machine interface (HMI) to revert to a Home Screen after a period of inactivity. If the user has to leave at any time, and leaves the HMI on the last screen he/she was working on, I want the HMI to revert back to my Home Screen after 60 seconds inactivity. Has anyone here done anything similar to this before? Do you think it's worth the trouble of having such a function built into the HMI? Thank you for your time and for reading.
  4. CJ1M Contacts and Timers

    Sorry about that. Thank you for your reply! I'm confused because I'm studying a ladder logic program and I see that it contains the following: a normally closed contact labelled TIM000. The corresponding Timer, TIMH000, is on the same rung of logic. Can you tell me what is happening here? I saw that and thought the contact's address was simply a timer name. I should clarify also that this ladder logic is not from a CJ1M PLC. I'm trying to learn from it and apply it to a CJ1M. Thank you again for your time and help. It is appreciated.
  5. CJ1M Contacts and Timers

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to make the address of an open/closed contact the name/address of a timer? Or, rather, how do you link a contact to a timer? I'm working with a CJ1M CPU-11, and I think the available commands in CX-Programmer vary from PLC to PLC. Thank you for your time and help, it is appreciated. God bless.
  6. Building an HMI with CX-Designer

    Thank you for your reply, Crossbow! I did receive some ladder logic programs for one of the older PLC's, but we don't have one for this new PLC yet. Should I choose my own addresses? I want to write a LL program in CX-Programmer for this PLC, so I'll match the addresses between Programmer and Designer. How do I make sure the addresses I use in Programmer are matching up with the I/O's of the PLC wiring? I am familiar with the concept of words and bits.
  7. Building an HMI with CX-Designer

    Hello everyone, I'm working on an industry project (undergraduate senior capstone project) and need to build a Human Machine Interface for a NS5-SQ10B-V2 module; it will be used with a CJ1M-CPU11 PLC. I've been using CX-Designer and CX-Programmer thus far. This software is new to me, and before this project I have had no experience with OMRON tech or Ladder Logic. This PLC will be controlling a windshield wiper motor and a solenoid valve.  Here's what I'd like to ask: 1 - If this were your project, what information would you immediately set out to acquire? How should I prepare the HMI for the PLC? I already have multiple user manuals, including the one for CX-Designer. 2 - Our PLC is already wired, so how do I translate that to my HMI functional objects in CX-Designer? I need to make sure my ON/OFF buttons, command buttons, word buttons, and others correspond to the correct I/O's of the PLC. Conclusion: I have already completed the GUIDE tutorial that comes with CX-Designer, but welcome further tutorials, videos, or any information on working with CX-Designer. Thanks for reading! Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.