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  1. FX3U-ENET-ADP to Ifix SCADA Help

    Thanks for the response. I was able to resolve the issue after numerous failed attempts. I basically used MC Protocol with TCP/IP and assigned it to port 5001 in the PLC. On Kepware/IGS driver side, I entered the IP address followed by the device ID (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX: Device ID). I selected Mitsubishi Ethernet driver option and tried using Device ID of 0,1 and 2 and none of those worked. I finally decided to try the last allowed Device ID of 255 and lo and behold it started communicating.    
  2. FX3U-ENET-ADP to Ifix SCADA Help

    Hello Everyone, I am very new to the Mitsubishi PLC world and having a hard time communicating FX3U-ENET-ADP to Ifix SCADA VIA IGS (Kepware) driver. I am using GXWORX2, and am not sure what settings to insert into the Ethernet settings of the module. 1. Should it be Melsoft Connection, MC Protocol, or data monitoring? 2. Should I be using UDP or TCP? I have tried Melsoft using 5556 as the port number, but to no avail. I have tried data monitoring briefly, and MC Protocol without assigning any port no and destination IP address. Mitsubishi Tech recommended me to use MC Protocol. What are you guys doing to make it happen? Thanks in advance for the help.