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  1. GOT2000 Project language switching

    Hello Mr. Gambit, Thank you for your valuable information. The information you given is helpful for me.
  2. GOT2000 Project language switching

    Hello Mr. Gambit, Thanks for your response. could you please explain more in details? actually I am new with Mitsubishi and I made program without creating comments list so does I need to create comment group and assign this word address to it? It will be hateful if you could explain in sequence flow. Also see the screen shot. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Can anybody suggest me process to make toggle switch to switch the project language? I would like to make a project in more than one language and customer required language switching button. Thanks.
  4. Array Logic in GX work2

    Can anybody please help me for developing below logic in GX work2 also check the attached screen shot this is the program i made in Siemens but i need to do the same for Mitsubishi PLC. My application is to save recipe from HMI (GT designer 3) to PLC(Q Series) . Please let me know if you need more details.   //"Recipe".File_number= it is set BY HMI, IF #SaveRecipe = true THEN     "Recipe_File".Recipe_File["Recipe".File_number].Name := #Test1;     "Recipe_File".Recipe_File["Recipe".File_number].Mode := 0;     "Recipe_File".Recipe_File["Recipe".File_number].BaseHeatTime := 45.0;     "Recipe_File".Recipe_File["Recipe".File_number].AddHeatTime := 10.0;     "Recipe_File".Recipe_File["Recipe".File_number].MaxPeakTemp := 1300.0;     "Recipe_File".Recipe_File["Recipe".File_number].FinalSurfTemp := 1250.0;     "Recipe_File".Recipe_File["Recipe".File_number].TempTransRate := 12.0;     "Recipe_File".Recipe_File["Recipe".File_number].MaxEnergy := 1300.0;     "Recipe_File".Recipe_File["Recipe".File_number].OscSp := 91.0; END_IF;