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  1. Installation process failed

    Could be, we have alot of different PLC applications installed on each machine. I'll try to turn off all the running processes of the other applciations and run the installer again. The users are local administrators so that shouldn't be the problem. I'll come back when I have tried this :)   Thx for the input!
  2. Hello We have a HP ProBook 650 G1 with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and when im trying to install Sysmax Studio 1.14 it all goes well untill I get to the CX-Server part. The installation always stops there and I dont get any usefull information from the event viewer. Myabe, just maybe, it might have to do with Bluetooth, a couple of times I get an event about the process "devmonsrv.exe" and how it failed to start. But this event doesnt always appear so it might just be an coincident. The installtions halts when he does something with the "OmronZipItWnd.exe" file. Have anyone of you have had problems with installating CX-server on a HP machine running Win7?   Regards Niklas