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  1. PLC remote control, plz help me.

    Thanks Mr Gambit. Ah, I notice that you are from Netherlands, must be a great place to live. :)
  2. PLC remote control, plz help me.

    Hello Gambit, thanks for replying me. I'm using Weintek HMI, I can connect this HMI via ethernet and obtain PLC data. Now I'm looking for some OPC server to access.  Am I doing right?
  3. Hello, there, I need some help  (a lot, maybe). I'm a rookie using PLC. In the company I work for, we need to receive information from the machines (plc controlled) remotely. We are using FX series (Fx1N, fx1S and fx2N in one plant and f33g and fx3s in the other) and I need to know how I can connect this devices (which Ethernet connector do I need, which software). If you can help me with the names I can do some research. Ah, you need to know that I'm in a 3rd world country (no easy acces to regional providers, well I can contact them via email). Sorry for my english, sometimes is a little rude but is my second language. Kind regards,   Ing. Eduardo M.