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  1. Do more/DL05 and up Accumulator stack

    Yes I'm using a Cmore.  I would like to have a button with a value showing product name eg:1/2" =1000 pulses, with a +/- button which will take the value I've set as the +/- bottons eg:200 pulses and apply it to the default 1/2"=1000 pulses size. So push (+) one time and I will get 1200 pulses, push it a second time and get 1400. The new value (1400) stays as the product value and stays as a constant value until later +/- is pushed again. Pushing the 1/2" button in the center will bring me right back to 1000/default value. One cycle is approximately 2 seconds long restarted via prox switch. Like I said I think I need to hit the books some more and maybe come up with a different plan. Unfortunately what I'm doing now works fantastic it's just a Labour intensive way of writing code and takes up lots of words. I won't need to re-write all this code again, but down sizing will add profit to making multiples of this project; already onto #4.
  2. Do more/DL05 and up Accumulator stack

    Yes AMD is Automation direct, I suppose it could be AD. I don't really care about the actual pulse counts being displayed on the screen. To much operator info is not good in this application. I have a product name/size that starts in the center of a radio button. There are bigger or smaller counts linked to the other buttons on the radio button. I'd like to use an Accumulator stack instead. I have 2 steppers that need about 80 different sizes/pulse counts I'm currently using many c addresses and a radio button linked to the c addresses that link to v addresses which link to boxes that have k values that tell the stepper to move thus far. There are a lot of addresses and a lot of ladder lines which takes up a lot of words. If I could use an Accumulator stack with an up and down button on the touch screen, that should use less words and maybe get away with maybe a DL06 or 5 instead of a Do more. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong direction.  Maybe I just need to hit the books again. That's where my original post comes in. If there is an instructional link that could be shared, then I may get it.  Thanks for the reply
  3. Is there a link someone could direct me to that may explain using an Accumulator stack with c or v addresses on a touch screen? All AMD products. Thanks