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  1. Analog Input reading not tally

    Exactly, it always show half reading on S300 HMI. But I had monitor from S7 the reading was tally with transmitter. By the way, could you show me where was the scaling factor or script under S400 HMI as I not so familiar with this software. Thank you.
  2. Hi all, I had 2 sets of Wincc HMI, 1 is v5 and another is v7.2. In this case, is it possible to configure "alarm broadcast" to both HMI PC between v5 and v7.2 ? Alarm broadcast I meant was the when alarm trigger from v7.2 it will appear at v5 HMI as well. and able to acknowledge too. If possible, any advice without additional software and hardware?
  3. Hi everyone, I had encountered a silly issue. There is one of S400 AI module connected to S300 AI module. After power on, the reading at PROface(S300 HMI) show half compared with SCADA WinCC(S400 HMI). I had tried to monitor the value from S7 manager reading is correct. Any idea to solve this issue ? The transmitter is 4-wire.    Br, Liew