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  1. Ascii

    I did not set a length; I am looking in the ST14 folder in RS logix 500. It shows a length of 2 characters under the length tab
  2. Ascii

    I am developing the code for the ML1100 PLC, there is a systems integrator developing the server software, there is another person developing the MII with is where the data will be reviewed. The systems integrator wants me to provide the ASCII string representing upper case A and B; so that when their software captures the data, it is represented in alpha characters. Initially I was going to use a numeric value and wanted the systems integrator to convert that value to alpha characters in their software.
  3. Ascii

    I examine the ST14.1 and ST15.1 registers
  4. Ascii

    Not an option - Corporate wants to see the A or B designation
  5. Ascii

    I am working on code for micrologix1100; there is a point where an operator will use a PB to select option 'A' or option 'B'. There is a scada system which polls this plc for the A or B selection and displays either 'A' or 'B' in a field of its own. I see in the instructions upper case "A" is represented by "65" in ACSII and upper case "B" is represented by "66". I used the AIC function to convert the numeric to ASCII and place the result at ST14.1 and ST15.1 respectively. Howeve when I examine those words, I simply see 65 and 66. How do I create the ASCII string?
  6. Encoder connection to Micrologix 1100

    My understanding of this encoder is A channel outputs 2500 PPR and B channel does the same, only 90 degrees out of phase with A channel; therefore I can use A channel alone to caputure those pulses. I would disgaree with Gerry. I've corrected the problem of not reading pulses, the issue was sinking rather than sourcing. The problem I have now is the use of HSC within the ML1100; perhaps one of you have written code using this feature. It seems as though when the ACC gets into the 10s of thousands, it faults the controller (overflow trap). I simply need to capture the encoder data, covert to a            measurement in feet and store the result. I move the ACC to N7:11, but i seem to faulting during this move. Any suggestions?
  7. Encoder connection to Micrologix 1100

    I've been thru 107 several times and the quick start guide. I'm using a bei xh25d-ss-2500-abzc-28v/v-em18 and have tried attaching A and B to I:0/0 and I:o/1 respectively, it seems as thought the line voltage (absent 1 volt maybe) is always present on those two channels. Do you see anything with that encoder that would cause incompatibility issues? I have D connected to PLC +24 - F connected to common - A to I:O/0 and B to I:O/1
  8. Encoder connection to Micrologix 1100

    I added a line of code with a MOV instruction to mov the the HSC.0.ACC to N7:11. The encoder is incremental with A,B,Z and complimentary A,B,Z however I am only using the A channel connect to I:0/0. I have the cut sheet, powered the encoder with the PLC 24 VDC, and using the (A) for a pulse. I didn't see anything is help on configuring the PLC channel
  9. Encoder connection to Micrologix 1100

    I saw your video previously; didn't see anything applicaple to me. I am not seeing a drop to zero, not seeing a frequency at I:O/0. In mode 1.
  10. I have been tasked with collecting linear footage data of our product; after exiting the extruder it contacts a measuring wheel attached to an BEI encoder 28V/V. I've connected the ML1100 24 volt to the encoder and landed channel A to the high spped input on the ML1100. No count is produced, however when I put my meter on the input I see near line voltage. Any thoughts anybody?
  11. I'm looking for diiferent methods of inputing alphanumeric data into micrologix 1100. One thought is BCD thumbswitch, but I'm not sure what interface is required, if any
  12. I'm looking for diiferent methods of inputing alphanumeric data into micrologix 1100. One thought is BCD thumbswitch, but I'm not sure what interface is required, if any
  13. Powerflex 523 PID

    I mistated the CT, it is 0-5 amp and not 0-5 volt. My thought is to replace this with 4 to 20ma CT and connect directly to the PF523 4-20ma analog in point. We want to stop the infeed when we reach 200 AMP, my idea is to begin ramping down after 150 amp and stop somewhere around the 200 mark. PF523 does not have two PID loops, therefore no A471 nor A472.
  14. Powerflex 523 PID

    Currently the system utilizes a current relay to stop the feed conveyor at 200 AMPS, the CT is failing and needs replaced. The feed conveyor motor is served via the PF523, which does have PID control. My thought is to get a CT with 4-20ma output to drive the PID controller and regulate the feed conveyor speed. i set p047 to PID1 output - p458 to disabled for exclusive control - p459 to PID setpoint - p460 to 4-20ma input - p464 to 50% (PID1 setpoint). Looks like I need a 24vdc power supply for loop power in series with the 4-20ma CT
  15. Powerflex 523 PID

    I am attempting to program a PF523 using PID exclusive control. I've read several documents on this issue, but am uncertain how to accomplish this. I have a grinder operation with a feed conveyor; I want to use the PID function to control the feed conveyor rate based on the grinder amperage. I've installed CT with 0-5 volt secondary; primary is 0-400amp.  This signal is connected to a 4-20ma converter. I'm using CCW to program the drive. I need the conveyor to feed at full speed from 0 to 150 amps and then ramp down to zero if the amperage reaches 200 amps. Ideally I'd like to maintain a feed rate resulting in about 175 amps on the grinder motor