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  1. Array of data

    I just want to give a huge thanks to PLC mentor for taking the time and build a series of videos on arrays and letting me get access to them Im new to the programming world but I'm not new to the industry and it is hard to find good educational videos on programming from my experience the knowledge that I gained from the videos gave me the highest grade in my class for my midterm because I was able to take my project to that next level once again Thank you
  2. Array of data

    Thank you for the replies everybody much help.. now let's see if I understand you guys correctly say I use a mask with move for my input image and I move it into an array[0] and then I took a mask equals and I compared it to array[1] with a mask of whatever say the mask 15 so when source and compare is equal to mask its logically true so now when that is true I can use a move of 15 into my output image to turn on certain output now that if I had a certain sequence that had to be done I can use different arrays to compare to my source which is my input image to manipulate the output of what I need  Thank you I hope this makes sense to you gays   
  3. Array of data

    Hello everybody I really need help on understanding an array of data in logix5000 everything from creating them,dimensions,how to use them ect...anything and everything will help I have read the Rockwell literature on it but their explanations are a little confusing to understand I have gone through this forum and I found good knowledge but a lot of you guys are using it at a higher level than I am.. I have never worked with an array and want to start so I can get in that next level... Thank you for your time it will be much appreciated
  4. Motion control training

    Hey everybody Brandon here ..... first post on here and just wanted to say looking forward to be learning a lot from all of you... the question I have has anyone taken the Rockwell motion control fundamentals 2-day class and is it worth the 1200? Also has anybody tried the Rockwell computer Based training on motion control I've downloaded the demo and it looks very educational I really want to get in to motion control just try to figure out where to start. Thank you